hygger Electric Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

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Electric vacuum cleaner kit auto change water removes dirt, and washes sand for aquariums

1 x Water pump with switch
1 x Sand washing head with sponge
1 x Feces suck head
1 x Screen filter
1 x Inlet pipe
2 x Suction cups
1 x Cord clip
1 x U shape pipe
1 x Outlet pipe
1 x Bucket clip
1 x On/Off valve
1 x Connector
1 x User manual

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Multi-function cleaner

This electric gravel cleaner has a unique filter screen, which can be reused when eliminating waste. It is versatile and can be used for water changes, debris removal, sand cleaning, and water changes or discharge.

Water circulation: install a dedicated filter screen tube. The dirty water in the fish tank is triple-filtered through the filter cotton, filter holes, and filter yarn to realize the water circulation of the fish tank.

Change water: remove the special mesh filter tube, the dirty water in the fish tank will be pumped through the electric vacuum. And the water will be automatically pumped to achieve rapid water change in seconds.

Gravel vacuum: The hygger aquarium electric gravel cleaner is strong enough that you can clean rocks in the fish tank.

Wash sand: when washing fine sand, the black filter sponge will prevent large debris from clogging the motor, making sand clearer and increasing the lifespan of the cleaner.

Free Hands During Use

The electric cleaner’s U-shaped tube frees your hands during water changes, and you can hang it on the aquarium to complete the water change.

Powerful Vacuum Technology

The DC safety water pump provides strong water flow, which is powerful and can do a quick water change, even removing debris and fish waste.
hygger 056 electric cleaner

Easy to Operate

It is simple to assemble and user-friendly, suitable for various large-size aquariums.

Directions for Use

Remove dirt: when cleaning up fish dung or food residue, please replace it with a special flat nozzle.

Use Tips

How to install hygger Electric Vacuum Gravel Cleaner?
Step 1: Install sand wash head and screen filter into the DO water pump.
Step 2: Install inlet pipe with connector into U-shaped pipe.
Step 3: Install outlet pipe with On/Off valve, then plug into the adapter and use directly.


Package Dimensions‏:‎ 17.6 x 9.72 x 3.31 inches; 2.31 Pounds

1 review for hygger Electric Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

  1. Isla Singh

    Easy to assemble. Directions were helpful. The pump is super powerful and better than expected. Very easy to operate. I put used this product to help me do my waterchanghes. This works super great in my deep tanks. It makes cycling clean water weekly a breeze. The attachments are very useful. I love this product and you will too! Highly recommend

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