Hygger Automatic Aquarium Water Changer 25FT



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hygger semi-automatic aquarium water changer is perfect for medium and large fish tank use, make it easier to drain or fill
the tank with fresh water, it??s not electric, only use the water pressure and siphon.

If you don??t want to lift a heavy bucket of water back and forth when doing water changing, this water changer will help you finish the water change easily.
If you worry water pump will disturb your fish or plant, this water changer will do the water changing quietly.
If you worry the water spills on the ground and makes a mess, this water changer will do the water change quickly and neatly.

Water changer Features:
1.Fits on most faucets, it comes with 13/16inch, 15/16inch, 1 inch faucet female adaptors, the 1inch adapter is built-in to the water flow assembly.
2.The flexible water hose is thick and durable, PVC material made, inner diameter of the hose is 1/2 inch.
3.With 2 orange valves on the water changer connectors, you can control the flow direction of the water.
4.3 hose length available: 25ft, 33ft, 49ft. Choose the right size according to your needs or cut the hose to your needs.
5.There is a porous filter sheet in the gravel tube connector, so no worries for fish sucking.

Directions for use:
1.If the faucet has a sprayer or filter head, you need to unscrew that then screw the connector on to the faucet.
2.When drain the water from the tank, the water flow assembly valve should be open, please close the vacuum
tube valve at first, after you open the faucet, then you open vacuum valve.
3.In order for suction to be provided, the water needs to remain running while draining tank.
4.The sinks you are using should be level with the tank or lower than it.

Package Includes:
1 x flexible water hose
1 x 12.6 inch gravel tube
1 x gravel tube connector
1 x water flow assembly
1 x duckbilled suction head
1 x user manual