hygger Aquarium Strong Air Pump

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8W/12W strong air pump with multi-head control valves for medium large freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Package includes:
1 x Air pump
1 x Adapter
1 x Air tube (the diameter of the tube is 8 mm/ 0.3 inch)
2 x Regulating valve(12W: 4 x Regulating valve; 8W: 2 x Regulating valve)
2 x Check valve (12W: 4 x Check valve; 8W: 2 x Check valve)
2 x Two meters small diameter air pipe (12W: 4 x two meter air pipe; 8W: 2 x two meter air pipe)
1 x User manual

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Strong Air Pump

hygger 8W/12W strong air pump has a powerful electromagnetic motor and 2/4 adjustable valve outlets. The unique accordion shape appearance can be more integrated into your home style, adding a more elegant and sophisticated style to your home aquarium.

More Than Just for Fish Tank

It offers an oxygen-rich environment for aquatic pets. It can be widely used for use in living rooms, office rooms, aquariums, fish farms, aquarium pet stores, seafood restaurants, and hydroponic systems, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums up to 300/600 gallons. In addition, it is very suitable for raising the pH in swimming pools and performs well in brewing compost tea.

Pumps Air Powerful

The powerful motor produces excellent air pressure over 0.04 Mpa and delivers lots of airflow up to 352 GPH to the outlets. It helps promote healthier crops and ensures a safe environment for aquatic pets, aquarium plants, and beneficial bacteria.

Energy-saving Pump

The 8W/12W air pump has a better performance in aerating fish tanks, it only runs 75% more power than the other aquarium air pump. Although with lower running costs, it provides high efficiency with a powerful output.

12W air pump

Ultra Quiet Air Pump

The hygger strong air pump is designed with multiple layers of denouncing to achieve low noise operation under 35dB, it pumps air quieter than a refrigerator. The soft silicone feet effectively reduce the vibration and maintain its stability.

Unique Accordion Shape Design

You can quickly move the flexible 12W air pump to where it is needed most with a 1.8 m power cord. The unique accordion shape design makes it a powerful oxygenated aquarium, or pond in a hydroponic system.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. You can add check valves to the air pump when placed below the tank and tubing level
2. Check valves to ensure the water is not siphoned back to the air pump before turning it on.


hygger 062 airpump

Additional information


8W-240GPH, 12W-352GPH

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Strong Air Pump

  1. sebastien

    Awesome air pump!

    Best air pump I’ve had. Love this, had it about two weeks. Hope it’s long lasting. Moves a lot of air but nearly silent. Have slowly been getting more of hygger’s products and have been impressed with them all

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