Hygger Aquarium Oxygen Pump

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Strong air pump for aquariums which can work for fish tanks sized 30 to 600 gallons.

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1 x Aquarium Air Pump
1 x User Manual


High Output

This aquarium oxygen pump can work for fish tanks sized 30 to 600 gallons. However, please don’t use this air pump directly for small fish tanks, or it may make your fish fly. You can use a control valve to control the airflow rate.

Ultra Silent

When it’s working properly, the sound of the oxygen pump is less than 35 dB, just half as loud as a microwave oven. So it will not disturb your sleep. We use the bearingless motor in the air aquarium pump. It works through magnetic bearings, which cause the least vibration and lowest noise. We also adopt extra vibration and noise reduction ways on the pump to reduce the noise to the least for your aquarium.

Dual Air Outlets

This oxygen pump has 2 air outlets and can work with a 3/16-inch standard-size air hose. Please note that this air pump doesn’t come with an air hose or other accessories.

Durable & Warranty

This aquarium pump has a longer service life. Need any help or warranty, please feel free to contact us.

Directions for Use

1. The oxygen pump is not waterproof or submersible.
2. Put a towel or rubber pad under the pump to reduce the sound.
3. Set the air pump flat on a surface.
4. To get perfect bubbles with this pump, please soak the air stones for 10 minutes before use.
5. It’s better to use a check valve to prevent backflow in case of sudden power failure.
6. We suggest putting the pump above the fish tank. If you put it underwater, you need to use a check valve to avoid water backflow.


Brand: hygger
Power: 10W
Voltage: 100-120 V / 60 Hz
Pressure: 0.03 MPa
Outlet size: 4 mm
Output: 250 GPH (16 L / min)
Noise: < 35 dB
Dimension: 5.9×5.14 inch
Cord length: 4.9 feet
Limit depth of water: 2 m

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1 review for Hygger Aquarium Oxygen Pump

  1. JACOB

    I purchased this pump last year and it is fantastic, super quiet and recommended!

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