hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump

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Automatically timing and quantitatively adding nutrient solutions.

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Package includes:
1 x Auto Dosing Pump
8 x Dosing Pump Tubing
1 x Dosing Pump Holder
1 x User Manual


Smart & Automatic

The hygger aquarium dosing pump is a modern product that can automatically time and quantitatively add nutrient solutions according to demand. It can meet the various needs of different users and aquarists. It has an LCD and key buttons, which makes it easy to operate.

Safe to Use

The dosing pump works with low voltage. Only one wire is needed. You can connect an additional pump and use the other 4 pump channels. The coral box dosing pump head is removable for replacement. It is made of POM material with good wear resistance.

Helpful troubleshooter

A peristaltic dosing pump can help you solve many kinds of troubles, such as not being at home on holidays, the fish tank being too high, the operation is inconvenient, and the memory confusion caused by adding various liquids many times.

Used for reef coral tank

Programmable auto titration pump for marine coral reef tanks, 4 channel dosing heads with 8 titration long hoses. It helps to simulate the marine environment and maintain the ecological balance for a complete coral marine system.

Wild application

It regularly adds a variety of nutrient solutions and marine trace elements to meet a variety of needs. It is also used for plant breeding and other situations where a variety of liquids are added.

Directions for Use

Dosing Pump Tubing

The aquarium dosing pump comes with 8 dosing silicone tubes (24 inches in length). The tubes are durable and not easy to age.

Out & In

Each channel pump is printed without and in marks, which will not mess up the direction. It is very convenient to enter and exit.

Indicator Light

The green light is the power indicator light, and the blue light is the channel pump indicator light. The working status is clear at a glance.

Where Can You Place the Dosing Pump?

1. You can put the aquarium dosing pump on the bottom of the fish tank. If the liquid dosing pump is below the water level, you need to add a check valve.
2. Put the dosing pump beside the fish tank. If the pump reef is below the water level, you need to add a check valve.
3. You can put the pump above the fish tank.

NOT Recommended:
It is not recommended to put the auto-dosing pump near the water surface, which may cause corrosion of the pump.

Other Tips

Times of Dosing: The number of times the pump works every day can be set to 1–24 times.
Interval Days: Days between intervals to dose. 0 means no interval. Up to 30 days.
Dosing Volume: The volume of the pump to add liquid every day. Up to 9999 ml.
Dosing Time: Set the working time of the dosing pump as required. It will work regularly according to the aquarium’s requirements.


Dosing Volume: 0–9999 ML
Power Output: DC 12 V / 1 A
Q.Max: 55 ml / Min
Dimension: 8.26″ × 5.1″ × 2.75″
Channel Quantity: 4 channel control independently
Dosing times: 24 / Day
H.Max: 4.9 Feet
Net Weight: 1.9 Pounds
Precision: ±10%
Interval Day: 0–30
Working temp: 32-104 °F

Pictures of the dosing pump holder:

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1 Pump, 1 Pump + Holder

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  1. cichlid

    Super easy to program. Happy to have this so our tank stays on point rather than relying on my memory

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