Hygger Aquarium Auto Titration Pump 1 Pump and Holder

Pattern Name:
1 Pump
1 Pump+Holder


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  • The aquarium dosing pump is a modern product that can automatically timing and quantitatively add nutrient solutions according to the demand, and can meet the various needs of users.
  • Peristaltic dosing pump to help you solve all kinds of troubles, such as not being at home on holidays, the fish tank is too high, the operation is inconvenient, and the memory confusion caused by adding various liquids many times.


Technical Parameters of Metering Dosing Pump:


  • Dosing Volume: 0-9999
  • Power Output: DC12V 1A
  • Qmax: 55ml/Min
  • Dimension: 8.26×5.1×2.75inch
  • Channel quantity: 4 channel control independently
  • Dosing times: 24/day
  • Hmax: 4.9FT
  • Net Weight: 1.9pounds
  • Precision: ±10%
  • Interval Day: 0-30
  • Working temp: 32-104°F


Package Included:


  • 1 * Auto Dosing Pump
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 8 * Dosing Pump Tubing
  • 1 * Dosing Pump Holder



  1. Times Dosing: The number of times the pump works every day can be set 1-24 times.
  2. Interval Days: How many days between intervals to dosing, 0 means no interval, up to 30 days.
  3. Dosing Volume: the volume of the pump to add liquid every day, up to 9999ml can be set.
  4. Dosing Time: Set the working time of the pump as required, and work regularly according to the requirements.



  • BPT silicone dosing tube is corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Safe low voltage
  • Only one wire is needed, can connect one additional pump and use other 4 pump channels.
  • The coral box dosing pump head can removable for replacement. POM material, good wear resistance.
  • LCD display, Key button, easy to operate.


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