hygger Aquarium Air Pump Kit

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Dual outlet air pump with accessories kit for up to 300 gallons fish tank, aquariums, hydroponics, and pond

Package includes:
1 x Aquarium Air Pump
2 x Check Valve
2 x Air Stone
2 x Silicone Air Tube (1M/3.2ft)
1 x Use Manual

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2 Outlets Air Pump

hygger air pump kit provides powerful and dependable airflow for up to fish tanks 300 gallons, aquariums, hydroponics, and pond. The pump kit is efficient and easy to use. Two air outlets for even more versatility of use. It can be connected with two air stones, or use a connector to connect only one air stone, and can also be used with aquarium filter settings. It is designed with durability and aesthetics, and the knob and shell are brushed, which is beautiful and fashionable.


Ultra Quiet Pump Kit

The fish tank bubbler kit has the design of an internal aerator + external casing, which greatly reduces the noise. It can quiet operation with the magnet drive design and suspended motor.
4 Soft rubber feet on the bottom can absorb and reduce the noise generated by friction. In this way, the noise of the oxygen pump is reduced to less than 35 decibels, working like a whisper. It won’t disturb your sleep. Its double-shell design, rubber feet, and suspended pump motor eliminate sound-producing vibrations.

Air pump connect to filter

Strong and Sturdy Air Pump

The air outlet of the air pump is made of high-grade metal, it is strong and sturdy. You can insert it into multiple fish tanks or aquariums through the outlets with 2 pieces of kink-resistant silicone tubing. It will produce lots of dense medium bubbles and steadily burst into the surface of the water to aerate the tank and enliven the aquatic pets.

Larger Fish Tank Aerator

As a strong 4 W fish tank aerator with a size 6.5*4.3*3.9in, it is larger than the ordinary 2-outlet air pump. The max air flow rate is 150 GPH, and the pressure is 0.02 MPa. The pump kit is perfect for aeration in 10 – 300 gallon fresh water and marine aquariums with stable performance.

Adjustable Air Flow

Just adjust the knob gently to get a suitable air volume to suit different sizes of fish tanks. It allows you to fully oxygenate the tank with the desired airflow, improving the health of the creatures by dissolving oxygen.

Complete Accessories

It comes with everything you need, and the complete accessories build the basic aeration setup. The aerator pump can be connected to a nano air stone, filter, landscaping windmill rockery, aquarium air shell, and other aerobic landscaping equipment.

Directions for Use

Air pump kit installation:
1. Cut the tubing as needed.
2. Connect the tubing to the outlet of the air pump.
3. Install the check valve.
4. Connect the air stone or other equipment.

Use Tips

If the air pump is placed lower than the water surface, please add a valve.


hygger 041 air pump

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  1. Mojil Swift

    Excellent air pump with minimal noise. Very pleased. Quiet and affordable. I would recommend.

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