hygger 7 in 1 Aquarium Test Strips

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Aquarium test strips monitor 7 crucial water parameters for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

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Package includes:
50 x Test strips
1 x User manual


Wide Application Test Strips

hygger aquarium test strips help to keep track of aquarium tanks’ water parameters and changes, solve water issues according to the water quality situation and make sure the aquarium ecosystem is healthy.
Besides regular water testing, it can also test the sample at an ambient temp between 2C-30C of drinking water, pool, SPA pond, industrial wastewater, etc.

7 Crucial Parameters in 1 Test Strip

Includes monitoring the water chemistry of hardness, the water test strips monitor the water quality parameters changes in water PH, total alkalinity, carbonate root, nitrate, nitrite, and free chlorine level so you can get a better idea to build your tank ecosystem.

Quick Testing Within 30 Seconds

Dip the strip into the aquarium water for 2 seconds, take it out wait for 30 seconds before comparing the color of the pads to the test strip chart on the side of the bottle.
hygger 050 aquarium test strips

Maintain Clean Tank

hygger test strips for aquariums can be used for koi ponds, tropical tanks, shrimp tanks, turtle tanks, heavily planted tanks, etc., both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It recommends testing at least once a week, so you can stay up to date on the conditions of the water and help you maintain the tanks better for the tank inhabitants.
Test water within 30 seconds

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. Don’t put wet fingers into the bottle to avoid polluting the test strip.
2. Don’t touch the pads with your fingers so as not to affect the test results.
3. Keep the test strips in a cool, dry place and avoid sunshine.
4. Close the bottle cap tightly after each taking strips out to prevent moisture.


Aquarium water parameter test Aquarium water parameter test

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  1. Liam Bui

    Works well as advertised. Easy, accurate and trust the results. I have been using these both for initially cycling the tank and now that I have animals in there. It tells you when it’s in normal range and when its time for water change, it has little dip sticks and you use the container they come in and match up the colors which tells you and there’s tons of strips – itll take ya awhile to go through them, I use it for my turtle aquarium and i corrected a lot with the water. The price was good too.

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