hygger New Release Portable Air Pump Kit for Aquatic Farm

To oxygenate the water and expel excess carbon dioxide, an air pump seems necessary. So, why not take a look at hygger aquarium new release – the new air pump kit? Featuring wide scope of applications, it is rechargeable and portable.

Get to know hygger 067 air pump kit

Volt. /Freq  Input: AC 100-240V /50-60Hz Output: DC 7.8V
Power 10W 18W
Air flow 238 GPH (15L/Min) 301 GPH (19L/Min)
Pressure 0.015 Mpa 0.024 Mpa
Cord length 4.9 FT /1.5M 4.9 FT /1.5M
Recommended for breeding Up to 40KG Up to 80KG
Dimension 10.8×5.7×5.1 inches
(27.5×14.5×13 cm)
10.8×5.7×5.1 inches
(27.5×14.5×13 cm)
Working hours ≤8 hours ≤8 hours

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hygger 067 air pump kit

hygger 067 air pump kit

Features of hygger 067 air pump kit

Wide scope of application

The versatile 067 air pump kit is available for:

  • commercial transportation of live aquatic life
  • fishing yachts
  • fish farm
  • power outages
  • hydroponic planting
  • home aquarium
  • aquatic farm (Attention: do not use the pump in wet or rainy conditions, because it is not waterproof.)
  • outdoor fishing

AC and DC dual-purpose

At home, you can use the 067 portable air pump by plugging in the power adapter. After plugging in the power adapter, the air pump can work while charging the battery. After the battery is fully charged, it will stop charging automatically, leaving the pump to work. In the face of a power outage, the battery runs the air pump to work. In the case of battery power, the 067 air pump with a single air stone can work 100 hours under minimum airflow volume, or 8 hours under maximum airflow volume.

LCD screen

The LCD screen displays voltage, power percentage, and battery status, enabling you to easily know whether the power meets the desired value.

Tips: When the power supply and battery are switched, there will be a short-term inconsistency in the display data because of the change in the power supply mode.

Features of 067 air pump kit

Features of 067 air pump kit

Adjustable air flow rate

The airflow rate is fully adjustable, which can meet various needs. There are 9 adjustable air volume levels. You can adjust the airflow rate by turning the air volume adjustment knob.

Plus, the 067 air pump is equipped with a diverter valve with 4 or 6 air outlets, which can link 4 or 6 air stones, while also adjusting the air flow rate. Consequently, the air pump can supply air for 4-6 small aquariums at once.

Portable handle

The 10W pump is 5.2 lb, and the 18W pump is 6.3 lb. The portable handle enables you to take the 067 air pump wherever you want. Actually, it is convenient.


With the help of the latest energy-saving technology, the 067 air pump works more effectively and saves more energy, compared with traditional air pumps.


The upgraded motor and shock-absorbing rubber feet reduced the noise.

More durable

Made of all-copper material, the 067 air pump is resistant to oxidation and deformation. Durable material and precise design make the air pump last longer.

How to install 067 air pump

How to install the 067 air pump

How to use the hygger 067 air pump kit

Tips for 067 pump use

067 air pump is not waterproof, so never submerge it in water. And keep it dry. However, the air pump kit can be placed below the water surface. Also, when the voltage is less than 5.5V, you should charge the pump. Be sure to charge the pump once every 6 months. Otherwise, it will be damaged. Tap to the video of using the portable air pump.

Install the 067 air pump

  • Place 067 air pump lower than the water surface

If the hygger 067 air pump is placed lower than the water surface, you must install check valves. Without a check valve, the water will drain back to the pimp, resulting in damage.

  • Place 067 air pump higher than the water surface

If the pump is placed higher than the water surface (25 cm /approximately 10 inches), It can avoid water flowing back.

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