How to Clean Fish Tank Filter

Filtration, is an indispensable part of a complete ecosystem, even if you are keeping fish at home.

The fish tank is a miniature ecosystem, every organism in this ecosystem plays an important role, and the absence of them is not feasible.

A fish tank filter is common aquarium equipment, in the process of raising ornamental fish, fish tank filters can maintain the water quality, but fish tank filters also need to be cleaned after a long time, to ensure a cleaner operation of the fish tank.

So how should the fish tank filter be cleaned? And what problems need to pay attention to?

Because of the relatively complex sealing and installation of the filter barrel, and to protect the nitrifying bacteria system, it is not suitable for frequent cleaning, therefore, the choice of aquarium filter material should be more expensive than the more advanced materials.

The first layer is physical filtration, mainly to block the solid residue in the water, so it is easy to get dirty, cleaning a fish tank is also based on this layer, other layers are usually rarely cleaned, often washed but easy to lose nitrifying bacteria. Cleaning is to use the opportunity to change the water of the fish tank.

Take out the filter cotton, rinse it repeatedly in the pumped-out fish tank water, or use the pumping tube to backwash the filter cotton (of course, the impulse is very limited).
fish filter

When cleaning, please pay attention to:

First, when cleaning, the filter cotton should be cleaned with the original tank water. Because the original tank water, cleaning filter cotton can reduce the loss of beneficial bacteria, which can extend the interval of cleaning filter cotton.

Second, do not clean the filter cotton-like washing clothes and twist dry. Instead, soak in the original tank water and stir, dirty things shake out on the line, or dirty things rubbing is easy to accumulate in the deep layer of cotton.

Cleaning biochemical cotton: put it into the water, gently pinch it a few times, and don’t wash it too clean, because there are a lot of bacteria attached to it, wash it too clean, bacteria will repopulate, so the water in the tank will not be clear.

How to clean a ceramic ring: put the ceramic ring into the pot and boil for half an hour, then put potassium permanganate to soak for half an hour, then rinse with water. The color yellowing does not affect the use at all, there are microorganisms inside, in fact, the normal cleaning as long as all pour out, panning a few times on it, do not wash too clean.

Other precautions when cleaning:

The filter should be disconnected from the power supply when removing it from the water or doing any maintenance.

Frequent cleaning/replacement of filter cotton and activated carbon is necessary to ensure that the filter works effectively.

The volume of the fish tanks is limited, if there is no filtration system in this limited space, it is like a human lack of metabolic system, the water will become more and more turbid, can no longer become clear, and the health of the fish is not guaranteed. Many people say it is too troublesome to keep fish and change water all the time because they do not use an effective filtration system, especially the cleaning of the small fish tank is worthy of attention.

Generally speaking, a small fish tank with a top filter or filter bucket, does not have to occupy the space inside the tank, to ensure that the fish have a place to move.

The advantage of the top filter is easy to install and manage, but because it is on the top of the tank, it may not look too coordinated and affect the overall ornamental appearance. The filter bucket is external, so you need a special place to put it, but the filtration effect is still very good, just not very convenient to clean up.

Speaking of which, what does a good filter look like for a small fish tank? And how to clean it? Take Hygger Small Fish Tank Filter as an example, a good filter for cleaning a fish tank can be easily done in just six steps!

  • Step 1: Rinse the filter cartridge and all parts with clean water from the tank to remove the debris and dust, and clean the filter.
  • Step 2: Put the filter cartridge into the filter. Make sure the filter cartridge is in the card slot.
  • Step 3: Rotate the upper elbow to adjust the direction of the air vent.
  • Step 4: Place the filter on the wall of the aquarium with two suction cups or mount the hook to hang over. The hook’s height can be adjusted according to the water level.
  • Step 5: Connect the filter to the air tube to the air pump. The air tube should be equipped with a check valve to prevent the flow back of water.
  • Step 6: Plug in the air pump and go.

The sponge filter is like the heart of a person, it is the core of the fish tank, if the filtration is not good, then there are bound to be big problems for fish. If you want your fish to grow up in a healthy fish tank, you must pay attention to choosing the right filter.

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