Hygger Small Fish Tank Filter

Dual( 6-10 Gallon)
Single(2-5 Gallon)


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Superquiet: Driven by air pump, it is so quiet that you can only hear the beautiful sound of bubble burst in the water surface.
Agitate water: The dense compressed air stone produces constant bubbles and oxygenate aquarium water, providing an optimal environment for your aquatic pets and plants.
Mechanical filtration: The filter cartridge load with density sponge pad and activated carton can effectively absorb the oil film and purify the water Compact design: tiny and thin, this filter is so compact that can suit most small aquariums upto 10 gallons.
Easy to set up and clean: It is easy to install and adjust hook according to the water level(suit for 0.39inch thick glass). Replace the filter cartridge in seconds.


Please follow below steps:
Rinse the filter cartridge and all parts with clean water from tank, in order to remove the any debris or dust and clean the filter.
Put the filter cartridge into filter, make sure the filter cartridge is in the card slot.
Rotate the upper elbow to adjust the direction of airvent.
Place the filter on the wall of aquarium with two suction cups or mount the hook to hang over, (hook’s height can be adjusted according to the water level).
Connect filter to air tube to air pump, equipped with a check valve on the air tube to prevent flow-back of water. Plug in air pump and go.
To insure its better performance, it is better to keep all the lateral inlet opening of filter below water level like shown picture.


Brand: Hygger