How Does The hygger 957 Light Compare To The 978 Light

An aquarium light can make your tanks more attractive, while it also meets the photosynthesis requirements for aquarium plants. Today’s article will make a comparison of two aquarium lights. After reading this article, you can learn more about hygger 957 and 978 aquarium lights.

Content Table

A brief comparison between hygger 957 and 978 aquarium light

This part will provide an overview of 957 and 978 lights. And here is something you should know in advance: the “√” in the table below refers to the aquarium light that has the feature, while the “×” means that the light does not possess the feature.

Features hygger 957 aquarium light hygger 978 aquarium light
Suitable tank sizes 12–55 inches 12–54 inches
Waterproof grade: IP 68
Extendable brackets
Fast heat dissipation ×
Power-off memory function
Controller Control panel Wired controller
LCD monitor ×
Separable adapter
Setting buttons Four Four
Programming mode Four modes (default/DIY/gradient/all-day all-optical mode) Two modes (24/7 mode/DIY mode)
Brightness change 10 (10%-100%) 5 (10%/25%/50%/75%/100%)
Available colors Varying from four modes 7 (red/blue/green/purple/cyan/orange/full spectrum light)

957 vs 978
While the 957 and 978 lights have differences, they also have something in common, like a separable adapter. It prevents replacing the LED light because of adapter damage. If the light flashes and then becomes dim, there may be a power problem. For such a case, you should replace the adapter, but you do not need to replace the LED light. Next, we will cover the differences between the two lights in the following segments.

Differences in appearance

1. Ideal for various tank sizes

2. Light controller

  • 957 light: it has a wireless one – a touchscreen control panel.
  • 978 light: it possesses a wired controller.

Light functions differences

hygger 957 aquarium light hygger 978 aquarium light
Setting buttons ① Setting button (Gear icon): press the button to enter the setting interface
② Up button: press the button to improve the number
③ Down button: press the button to decrease the number
④ Light setting button: press the button to set the light color
① “TIMER” button: press the button to set the lighting time – 6 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours
② On and off/”M” button

  • On: press once to turn on the light
  • Off: Long press the button for about 3 seconds to turn off the light
  • “M” button: press the button to set the lighting color

③ Up and down button: press the button to set the lighting intensity
④ 24/7 button: press the button to select the time section for 24/7 mode

LCD During the process of local time setting, 24H or 12H and local time will be displayed. Meanwhile, if you set 12H, “PM” will be shown. Moreover, the daylight time setting, moonlight time setting, and start and end time of DIY mode can also be seen on the LCD. In addition, light intensity is also shown. The 978 light does not have an LCD.
Programming modes ① Default mode
② DIY mode
③ Gradient mode (Cycle mode)
④ All-day all-optical mode
① 24/7 mode
② DIY mode

Differences in settings

Available settings for 957 light (Local time setting & Modes setting)

1. Local time setting

  • You can choose 12H/24H
  • You can also reset the local time

2. Modes setting

(1) The Default mode

  • Lighting time

Daylight: 06:30-18:30
Moonlight: 18:00-23:30

  • Light intensity (brightness)

Mimics the effect of sunrise to sunset

  • Light color

Daylight: full-spectrum white light
Moonlight: blue light (can be adjusted)

(2)DIY mode

  • Lighting time: can be set any time by yourself
  • Time stages: L1-L8 (8-time stages)
  • Light intensity (brightness): 10 brightness levels (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%)
  • Light color: L1-L6: all-optical L7-L8: blue light

(3)Gradient mode (Cycle mode)

  • Lighting time & light intensity (brightness): can not be set
  • Light color: cycling – dark blue, green, purple, cyan, yellow, and red

(4)All-day all-optical mode

  • Lighting time & light intensity (brightness): can not be set
  • Light color: RGB light can be adjusted, including blue, red, and green

Available settings for 978 light (Modes setting)

(1)24/7 mode

  • Time section: can be set by yourself (Available time section: 8:00/10:00/12:00/15:00/18:00/22:00)
  • Light intensity (brightness) & light color: run automatically (can not be set)

In short, if you choose 24/7 mode, you must set the time section.

(2)DIY mode

  • Lighting time: you can choose one of the three lighting timers – 6 hours, 10 hours, and 12 hours by pressing the “TIMER” button.
  • Intensity (brightness): 5 brightness levels (10%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • Lighting color: Seven colors options (red/blue/green/purple/cyan/orange/full spectrum light)

By the way, you can get more additional programming information about the two lights in the following two articles – How to Set a Light Timer with hygger 957 Programmable Light and The Most Easiest Tutorial of hygger Aquarium Light Programming is for the hygger 978 Light.


Aside from that, the 957 light fits fish tanks and planted aquariums. As it can brighten the fish, but also promote photosynthesis and assist the growth of aquatic plants. On the other side, the 978 light is an excellent alternative to fish-only and planted tanks. It can bring out the colors of your fish and plants. That is all for today. If you have any questions about the lights, please message us in the comment or to NEED HELP. We are happy to help you out.

Additionally, you can stay tuned to our new releases. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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Comments (8)

  1. Can a 957 work for a 60 x 18 x 24 acrylic tank. Thank u.

    Aug 10, 2023 Reply
    • Hello, Michael. Considering the length and height of your tank respectively are 60 and 24, consequently, a 957 26W is a better option.

      That’s it. Hope it can help you out.

      hygger team

      Aug 11, 2023 Reply
  2. Hi. I am currently in the process of building a custom made optiwhite glass tank with discus only with some tetras variations and few Cory’s. The tank is 48inch by 24inch by 28 inch. It would be a moderately planted aquarium tank with some echinodorus red rubins ( background ) and ludwiga rubins with some Dwarf hair grass in the foreground. Basically these are all red variants except the hair grass. Non CO2 tank. Which hygger model would suit best between the 957 and 978?

    Raja De
    Aug 2, 2023 Reply
    • Hello, Raja De. 957 would suit best for your tank exactly. There are foreground and background aquatic plants in your tank, and most are red variants. Hence, more accurate light settings is necessary. Compared with 978, 957’s DIY mode has more light settings.

      That’s it. Hope it can help you.

      hygger team

      Aug 3, 2023 Reply
  3. Hi,
    Why is the 978 better for fish only aquariums?

    Jul 25, 2023 Reply
    • Hello, Caro. In simple terms, it is just because 978 is easier to program compared with the 957 light. It may sound ridiculous. Actually, both 978 and 957 light can be used in fish tanks and planted tanks.

      White light enhances the color of plants and fish, red light makes fish’s colors more vibrant, and blue light is helpful to calcium absorption. The wavelength of 978 and 957 is similar. So, the main difference between 978 and 957 is the mode settings.

      However, the requirements of light on fish are not as demanding as aquatic plants. So, compared with 957 light, 978 is the better one for fish-only aquariums.

      That’s it. Hope it can help you out.
      hygger team

      Jul 25, 2023 Reply
  4. I have a 45 gallon (36 inches long) planted tank with community fish. A few red plants which require moderate to high lighting. 957 or 978 would be better choice?

    Jun 2, 2023 Reply
    • Hello, Joe. Actually, 957 would be the better choice. Moderate to high lighting requires about 807-1614 lux of the light. Also, though both 957 and 978 can be used in planted tanks, the latter is better for fish-only tanks.

      That’s it. We hope it can help you out.

      hygger team

      Jun 5, 2023 Reply

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