How an Air Bubble Curtain Works in Aquariums

As an air pump, a mechanical device to circulate water with electricity, can oxygenate the aquarium and expel excess carbon dioxide, the aquarium air bubbler aeration strip has its special purpose. In this article, we are going to talk about how the air bubbler aeration strip works in aquariums and its significance for aquariums. After reading, you will walk away with a much better understanding of the air bubble curtain in the tank. Rant over, let’s dive right in.

How air bubble curtain works

How air bubble curtain is created?

Air bubbler aeration strips can create attractive air bubble curtains in your fish tanks. Then how does it work? Just connect the bubble wand with an air pump of sufficient power. Then, place the bubble wand underwater and plug in the air pump. After that, an air bubble curtain can be created. Actually, it is the result that the air pump pumps the air to the bottom and the porous bubble wand produces bubbles.

Next, let’s take a quick look at an aquarium aeration strip kit, which consists of an aeration strip, air tube, silicone suction cups with rings, check valve, etc. Made of compressed aluminum oxide, the porous air bubble strip kit is a long and narrow white bar, which can produce dense and tiny bubbles. It helps to improve oxygen level and gas exchange by the following steps: after plugging in the air pump 5W above, the bubble wand will create dense bubbles. And the bubbles will release oxygen in the water.

What does an air bubble curtain do in aquariums

The same as air bubbles, air bubble curtains do have their significance. For instance, oxygenating the aquarium water, creating abundant micro and uniform bubbles, keeping fish and aquatic plants healthy, making the water more lively, and improving the aesthetic values, plus forming an amazing appearance for the tank. However, sometimes bubble curtains may be a problem. For example, small fish are hard to swim facing too many bubbles. Also, too many bubbles may pose a risk of disease, like gas bubble disease.
air bubble curtain in fish tank

Do fish like bubbles inside an aquarium

Do fish like bubbles? Air bubbles provide oxygen in your  aquariums. So essentially, most fish do favor living with bubbles. But you should make sure that the bubbles will not threaten fish health. Next in the table below, we will list some fish that like bubbles inside their aquariums.

Corydoras Large molly fish Sword tails fish
Rainbow sharks Small loaches Puffer fish

Aside from that, some fish may not do well in aquariums with bubbles. Like, angel fish. They may get disoriented in aquariums with a surprising amount of bubbles. Additionally, there are also fish that can live without an air pump, such as Gourami, Guppy fish, Betta fish, and Paradise fish. If you want to get into more details about that, you can take a look at the article – Fish Can Live Without an Air Pump in Tank.

Does it really need an air bubble curtain in aquariums?

Whether an air bubble curtain is crucial or not is determined by the aquatic pets and other creatures in aquariums. To keep a balance between oxygen level and carbon dioxide, aquarium aeration seems critically important. For example, if you have a tank with high oxygen-demanding fish, then creating an air bubble curtain in the tank is a great choice. Moreover, in the face of oxygen deficiency in your tank, an air bubble curtain will help you a lot. By the way, here are some signs of oxygen deficiency:

  • Fish move their gills rapidly and gasp for air on the water surface
  • Fish hang out by the outlet of the aquarium filter
  • Inactive fish stay at the bottom of the tank

Once you find the symptoms mentioned above, you should take action immediately. Otherwise, your fish may suffer death.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is recommended not to add air bubbles in aquariums. Given below are some examples:

  • Too higher oxygen level. Because it may be detrimental to fish and aquatic plants in your tanks. Plants would grow slower or even suffer death.
  • Aquatic plants need to supplement carbon dioxide. The lower the oxygen level, the higher the level of the carbon dioxide.
  • A high-oxygenated tank does not need additional air bubbles. Otherwise, it would suffer fish disease, like gas bubble disease

hygger bubble curtain

In conclusion

In a word, an air bubble curtain is an excellent option for those aquatic fish that prefer living in the aquarium with bubbles or demand sufficient and high oxygen levels in the tank. By the way, in addition to the aquarium aeration strip kit, you can also connect an air pump with airstone to create bubbles. No matter which way you choose, before adding aeration equipment, it is essential to research whether your fish are fond of living in aquariums with dense bubbles. By doing so, the damage to fish would be reduced.

If you want to know more knowledge about aquarium products that can create bubbles or improve oxygen levels, you can go to:

That’s all for today. More wonderful ideas about air bubble curtains in aquariums, welcome to leave messages in the comment. We are happy to receive your sharing. Finally, thanks for your reading. And we hope this article will give you a favor.

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