Do You Like Number 5 or 8

The tropical fish community is often found in most fish tanks. Their natural habitat has relatively higher temperatures. Therefore, for stocking tropical colors in your fish tank, you have to introduce extra aquarium accessories. These accessories will help them to thrive properly, just like in their natural habitat. Among all of these gadgets, a water heater is a key and pronounced factor which should be considered while adding tropical color to your fish tank. Hygger Smart Titanium Aquarium Heater is a great gadget that will help you in this regard. Why is it an unique thing? Just look down to learn about its advance and aquarium-friendly features.

Do you like number 5 or 8?

Hygger 011 titanium water heater is available in 2 power capacities i.e. 500 Watts and 800 Watts. Besides the size, you can easily identify your desired water heater with a single glance. As the 500 Watts is imprinted with a number 5 and the same 800 Watts is imprinted with the number 8. The 500 Watts heater is exceptionally smart and suitable for a 60 to 120 gallons fish tank. While on the other hand, 800 Watts water heater is specially designed for 120 to 180 gallons fish tank. Now, it’s up to you to choose it according to your aquarium capacity.

New Hygger smart heater features

Here in the following, you will find some of the pronounced features of the Hygger 011 Titanium Heater. These features will surely fetch your attention to buy it, whether you have to buy it for the first time or you have fed- up with frequent aquarium heater replacements.

1. Auto shut-off when you are out

When you are out to your office or in the market or have forgotten to turn off your fish tank heater. On returning, you will see some unpleasant scenery in your aquarium. PID variable frequency drive technology makes Hygger 011 aquarium titanium heather a great blessing.

The three heat sensors help it in proper functioning. The heater will turn off when the tank’s water attains the maximum set temperature. Moreover, it shuts off when the water level dips too low or when the heater is not fully submerged in the tank. In such a situation, it starts beeping an alarm to you that something is going wrong with it. It functions when it gets desired water level or submergence.

2. Lower electricity bills with PID technology

Energy conservation is a top priority of a smart and intelligent guy. Hygger 011 aquarium titanium heather will be a great assistant in this regard for you. It is equipped with PID Variable Frequency Drive Technology. It turns into frequency mode when the temperature is 0.5°F to 1°F lower than the maximum set temperature. Frequency mode helps to conserve energy by lowering the energy demand but with the same heating capacity. Energy consumption is usually higher when any device begins to function. But in the case of a titanium heater, it goes the opposite way and helps you to lower your electricity bills.

3. Easy to monitor with a smart LCD

There is no need to add a thermometer to your fish tank to know about the water’s temperature. A smart LCD helps you to monitor. Digital LCD keeps on showing the real-time water temperature and meanwhile power consumption. If you are thinking about how I can read the reading on the smart screen or how I become aware of whether it is functioning or not? Then no need to worry. A light indicator will help you to understand if it is working or shut down. You will find a red light when it is in function. Otherwise, you can see it at rest with no light.

4. Overheat protection to prevent fish

Overheating often leads to burnout of your aquarium inhabitants. Which will create some unlike scenery in your aquarium. You will find Hygger 011 titanium heater a great gadget in this regard. It’s equipped with a 3 probe temperature sensor. That helps to limit the water temperature within the desired range. Moreover, you will find a mixture of premium high-temperature-resistant plastic guards in this water heater. This combo helps to prevent the fish from burning in case of direct contact with the heating elements.

5. Explosion-proof titanium

You may get worried about how to use titanium in a heating system as it is explosive. Don’t worry guys because Hygger has been constructed with heavy-duty titanium to make it explosive-free. Moreover, it is wrapped with a double sealing plastic guard.

6. Easy to set and clean with long cord

The other great feature that you can earn by using Hygger 011 Titanium heater is its handy use and easy cleaning. You do not need to dip your hand in the fish tank for the temperature setting. A cord with multiple lengths i.e. 4.9FT(1.5m) + 3.9FT(1.2m), hands over to you with external control. You can set the temperature of the heater by just pressing the button. Temperature varies between 70°F – 94°F (20°C-34°C). Moreover, it is easy to clean due to the presence of a detachable plastic guard. It allows you to clean the water heater frequently whenever it gets clogged up and improper functioning.

How to operate it?

Here is a quick and comprehensive user guide to earning its benefits.

  1. Make sure that the heater is fully submerged in the aquarium’s water. Otherwise, it will not function.
  2. Keep it away from the gravel because gravel doesn’t conduct the heat.
  3. Unplug the heater about 15 minutes before the water changes.
  4. Press the “SET” button for temperature setting. One time push will cause a 1°F water temperature change. The setting change after 3 seconds of button pressing.

Use tips

Here are some tips that you have to keep in mind for easy and long going with the Hygger 011 titanium heater.

  • For temperature settings, use the external control. Press the set button. It offers an extended temperature range i.e. 70°F to 94°F, with a 1-degree change on each pressing.
  • Frequently clean the heater. Otherwise, dirt will reduce the efficiency and ultimately turns it into trash.

Hygger 011 heater specifications

Here is a bird’s eye view of the specifications of Hygger 011 aquarium titanium heather.

    1. It is available in 500W and 800W capacity.
    2. 500 watts is suitable for 60 to 120 gallons and 800 watts for 120 to 180 gallons fish tank.
    3. It is AC powered with 110 to 120 volt.
    4. 011 comes with an 8.8 Ft cord length.
    5. It heats the water to 70°F – 94°F.
    6. It functions within 1°F temperature accuracy.


Temperature-sensitive tropical fish thrive in heated water fish aquariums. A Hygger 011 titanium heater will help with its multiple functions that ultimately turn into versatile advantages. It’s a great choice if you have an aquarium ranging from 60 to 180 gallons with two different power heaters. Easy control and cleaning will make it a good choice for your aquarium. Besides the aquarium, its automation function will create a relief corner in your busy schedule.

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