Desktop Nano Fish Tank

A 4-gallon nano fish tank is very special in terms of fish tank dimensions. If you want to keep a couple of small nano fish, you could use hygger 4-gallon 3 in 1 nano fish tank to set up a little forest aquascaping.

This cool glass fish tank kit comes with its filtration system, temperature probe, and hood with LED light.

First, let me introduce to you the filtration system. The water intake first takes in the water and then the water is going to drain down from the rain pipe. Then water will be filtered by the bio balls and fall back into the aquarium. The filtration, water circulation, and aeration are all completed during this process.

Desktop nano fish tank Second, the 14 LED lights from the hood will present 4 different modes for you to choose from. There is a space between the hood and the aquarium leaving some space for gas exchange. Another thing worth mentioning is that there are two separate wires for the filtration system and the LED light. So you could add a timer to the LED light to control the duration of the lighting and then let the filtration system run permanently. There is also a temperature probe and the temperature will be shown at the hood.

If you want to find out more about this fish cool tropical fish tank kit, please watch this popular video from Fish for Thought with the link, How This Fish Tank SAVED HUNDREDS OF BETTA FISH

What do you like to keep in the nano tank? Please note that this fish tank kit is not intended for betta or golden fish. Please leave your comment below.

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