Best Size Fish Tank for Beginners

As a beginner fish keeper, you want to acquire your first tank but don’t know what size to get. Don’t worry, this article will give practical and comprehensive suggestions on how to choose the right fish tank.

What is necessary for starting aquarium kits?

If this is your first aquarium, starting aquarium kits is a terrific way to get started, since they eliminate the need to figure out what equipment you’ll need, what size filter and heater to acquire, etc.

Most packaged starting packages contain the tank, cover, lamp, filter, heater, thermometer, food and water conditioner samples, a fish net, and setup instructions, all at substantial savings over purchasing each item separately.

If you are planning to keep a school of mild-mannered fish, a 5 to 20-gallon tank is a better choice than a 50-gallon tank. This will give you stability in water parameters, and you will learn how to care for your fish. The danger is reduced because you will only need to care for 5–6 fish at a time, rather than hundreds.

How many gallons of fish tank for a beginner

Most beginners may be confused about whether is there any significance to the size of a fish tank. Yes, the size of your aquarium is important in determining the overall health of your fish. We recommend a 5-20 gallon tank for beginners.

The size of your aquarium is mainly determined by the amount of space you have, the type of fish you plan to keep, and your budget. The amount of room and the budget cannot be changed, only the type of fish is relatively flexible and can be discussed. Your aquarium fish might be classified as saltwater or freshwater.

Fish for beginners

However, the classification of your aquatic pet is important in determining its rate of metabolism, length, mass, swimming ability, and compatibility with other species.
Now, we will introduce three types of fish that are friendly to beginners.


Goldfish are popular among aquarists since they are low-maintenance and simple to care for. Because of their pompous beauty, they may be kept on their own without the need for further variation, and still form a stunning fish aquarium.


Guppy is one of the most well-known freshwater aquarium fish. Guppies are without a doubt the toughest aquarium fish, since they can go for more than a week without being fed at all! These stunning aquarium fish come in several lovely color combinations, so you can easily choose one that matches your style.

Danio rerio

Danio is a tough aquarium fish that does well in a variety of conditions and eats simple fish food. Danios may be found in a variety of color combinations, including pale orange horizontal stripes on a sky-blue body. Danios are lively fish, so you’ll enjoy seeing them dart from one end of the tank to the other at breakneck speed.

Is a bigger tank a better fish tank

No, of course not. According to a web survey, a bigger fish tank does not mean a better tank.
As a beginner, please remember one inch of fish for every gallon of water. This is probably the most widely used rule out there. It is natural to want to start small, especially when children are involved. For one thing, smaller aquariums are less expensive, and they are simpler to find a spot for.

Which kind of tank material should be chosen?

Another factor to consider is whether to go with a glass or acrylic aquarium, each has advantages and disadvantages.
Glass tanks are less costly, do not warp or scrape readily, and do not discolor with time. However, they are more prone to breaking.
Acrylic tanks are lighter, while more costly and less prone to damage.
In a nutshell, both types are distinct and superior based on the interests and expectations of a beginner. However, the materiality factor influences both the budget and the size of an aquarium to bring home.

Where is the best place for an aquarium

Place your new aquarium in an area, where you will spend the most time so that you can enjoy it! And don’t forget, an electrical outlet should be nearby.

Here are some situations that should be avoided

  • Avoid having windows that get direct sunlight, because this might change the water temperature, contribute to excessive algae development, and make the acrylic fish tank discoloration;
  • External walls and entrance doors in colder areas, where winter drafts might cause a reduction in water temperature.
  • Avoid placing your aquarium in high-traffic areas where it may be bumped.

How to decorate a new fish tank

Fish need a structure to feel comfortable and secure while avoiding harassment from aggressive tank mates. This is accomplished by using live or artificial plants, rock work, driftwood, and sculpture to personalize and transform your aquarium into living art.

Taller plants and decorations should be placed at the rear of the aquarium to give a backdrop and cover filter tubes, heaters, and wires, with shorter decorations moving forward.

A backdrop plays an important role in the common decorations for fish tanks. A backdrop not only adds visual depth and enhances the overall appearance of an aquarium, but also conceals wires, hoses, and other equipment. Before mounting the aquarium on the stand and filling it with water, background material should be fitted on the right spot of the aquarium.

Tips: If you have any questions about the aquarium building, please go to the left sidebar ‘Need Help‘ to leave your aquarium questions, and we will be glad to answer them swiftly.

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