hygger Intelligent Quartz Heater

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Intelligent quartz heater for 40 to 317 gallons coral reef and freshwater tanks

Product includes:
1 x Heater
3 x Suck cups(1pc spare cup for single tube)
5 x Suck cups(1pc spare cup for double tube)
1 x User manual

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Perfect for Freshwater & Saltwater Aquariums

hygger intelligent quartz heater has quartz glass dual heater tubes for coral reef tanks, the protective guard can protect fish and other aquatic pets from scalding and punching. It helps to create perfect water conditions for them to thrive in aquariums from 40 gallons to 317 gallons. As a perfect saltwater aquarium heater, it can also be used in freshwater aquariums. Just choose the right heater according to your tank size.


Multi-Functional Controller

The heater controller shows both real-time water temperature and set temperature, which is available in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The red indicator light shows the heating the green light means at the set temperature, and the audio alert reminds you something is wrong. It is easy to set the temperature without getting your hands wet.

Safety Auto Audio Alarm

If the tank water level drops too low and the heater sensor is exposed to the air, the hygger intelligent heater will auto shut off with the controller flashing the “E1” error code and beeping an alert to prevent overheating.

hygger 061 saltwater heater

High & Low-Temperature Alert

When the water temp is lower than 59 F, the heater keeps on heating, the controller flashing the real-time temperature and buzz alarm. When the water temperature is lower than 59 °F or higher than 93 °F, the heater will auto-shut off and buzz the alarm. It will reset when the water temperature is back to the control temperature range between 59 °F – 93 °F. You can set the button to remove the alarm.

Speedy Heating-by Dual Heater Tubes

The saltwater heater speeds up the heating with dual heater tubes. It is made of premium corrosion-resistant and shatterproof quartz glass, suitable for freshwater and marine water aquariums; the detachable safety protective guard protects fish and other livestock from burning.

Directions for Use

How to install hygger 061 heater

Use Tips

1. The heater rod must be fully submerged
2. Make sure that the heater doesn’t touch sand or gravel on the tank bottom
3. To ensure its better performance, please keep water circulation
4. Take apart the protective guard and clean the heater rod regularly
5. Unplug the heater before the water change or cleaning and wait for 15 minutes to cool down


hygger 061 heater parameter

Additional information


300W for 40-65 Gallon, 500W for 66-132 Gallon, 800W for 106-211 Gallon, 1000W for 159-317 Gallon

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1 review for hygger Intelligent Quartz Heater

  1. Shalom

    It works as it should. I’ve only had it for about a weekI bought so I can’t speek to longevity. Plenty of heaters and many are just bad. I use this one in my reef tank. I like the display is not in the tank, disturbing the fish at night. Overall I’m impressed with this heater. I have it under the tank inside of the stand, mounted on the back wall. Easily visible. It seems it’s very fast and very constant. The best heater is the one that you set and forget.

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