How to Set up A Paludarium

The tropical fish hobbyist can have many aquarium choices and the Paludarium tank is one of them. The name “paludarium” comes from the Latin “palus”, which means “swamp”. Essentially, it is a plant aquarium as well as half-full decorations and plants growing out of the water’s surface. Are you curious about it? Today, let’s learn… View more

How to Set up A Tropical Fish Aquarium

There are many varieties of tropical fish, suitable for all people with different fish-keeping skills, various budget ranges. The aquarium device demonstrated below is suitable for beginners, simple to build and easy to maintain. You can use strong real aquatic plants to create a natural landscape. Of course, plastic plants or other decors can also… View more

How to Set up A Fish Tank

Now that you have a certain understanding of the knowledge required to run an aquarium, it’s time to build an aquarium. This is one of the most interesting parts of fish keeping, because you have realized your dream and brought vitality and color to your living room. Preparation for Setting up a Fish Tank Preparation… View more

Hygger’s Best Aquarium Air Pump

Oxygen is essential to all aquatic organisms, and there are many ways to oxygenate the aquarium.  Air pump  The most common form of aeration in an aquarium is through an air pump. The air pump is usually located outside the aquarium and needs to be plugged into a power source. They work by vibrating a rubber diaphragm. When the diaphragm in the pump vibrates, the air is sucked in and pumped… View more

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