Aquatic Plants Can Be Planted on Aquarium Stones

You can build a planted aquarium with the help of substrate, such as gravel, sand, and aquarium soil. Besides that, aquatic plants can also be planted on aquarium stones, rocks, etc. Then, what plants can be planted on aquarium stones or rocks, and how to do that? Until now, if you are curious about this topic, just read on and dive deeper into the world of aquatic plants for aquarium stones. Then you can learn more about aquarium aquatic plants. Let’s begin.

Aquatic plants

Adding aquatic plants can increase the ornamental values, while sometimes they can also improve the water quality. Before aquascaping an aquarium, it is better to design the layout and determine the foreground, midground, or background pants, etc. Plus, you can choose your plants according to the aquatic pets in your aquariums. Because there are heliophile plants and heliophobic plants, demanding diverse light intensity.

Exactly, most plants with roots need to be planted in the substrate. On the contrary, some plants can be planted on aquarium stones, rocks, wood, etc. For instance, moss and ferns. These plants can anchor to the object’s surface. Choose the available and favorite one according to the aquarium stones in your tank. Moreover, floating plants, like duckweed, can survive on the water’s surface.
aquatic plants for aquarium stone

What aquatic plants can be planted on aquarium stones

After takes a look at aquatic plants, let’s learn about some aquatic plants that can be planted on aquarium stones.

1. Moss

Moss can be planted on aquarium stones or wood. Just tie or glue it on the surface. Sounds easy and convenient, right? Also, moss grows fast and does not need specific care. But moss requires high light intensity.

2. Riccia fluitans

With the help of nylon mesh, it is feasible to plant Riccia fluitans on aquarium stones. However, you should be cautious with the density. Too dense would cause death. As one of the moss, Riccia fluitans can also grow fast. By the way, they need high light, too.

3. Anubias

While Anubias can be planted on gravel, they can also do well on aquarium stones and wood. Anubias are low-light plants and they grow slowly. They come in a surprising amount of subspecies. For example, Anubias Nana, Anubias Barteri, and Anubias Afzeli.

4. Java fern

Java ferns are easy to care for. They grow slowly and can survive in low-light environments. Also, they do not need additional carbon dioxide. If you want to plant large Java ferns on aquarium stones, you can ask the fishing line for help. It is easy to tie the plants to the stones. As for small ones, using instant gel is great.

5. Bucephalandra

As foreground or midground plants, Bucephalandra is not difficult to care for. It grows slowly and can be a great addition to low-light aquariums. Plus, it is no need to supply additional carbon dioxide. Bucephalandra is hardy, which makes it suitable for most tanks. If you want to dive deeper into Bucephalandra, you can read Practical Guide on How to Grow Bucephalandra Plant Emersed.
aquatic plants

How to plant aquarium plants on rocks

In the last segment, some aquatic plants can be planted on aquarium stones. Then, how to plant the plants on rocks? Is it feasible? The brief and definitive answer is yes.

Generally, you can plant aquatic plants on rocks with the help of instant gel. Trim the plants to remove decaying parts first. Apply the gel to the surface of the rocks, then glue the plants to the gel. After that, you can add water to your tank. The water level should be over the height of rocks and plants. To be honest, planting plants on rocks with instant gel is easy to use and is feasible for most aquatic plants. Besides that, nylon mesh and fishing lines are other great tools.

Nonetheless, various rocks may be a little bit different. Take Seiryu stones as an example. They come in cyan with white veins, and it shapes like peaks. You can tie or glue the aquatic plants on the surface. In this case, Anubias and Moss are excellent options. In addition to Seiryu stones, there are other available aquarium stones for aquascaping. You can go to the related topics below to learn more. Aside from that, you can tie plants on Lava rocks with a fishing net, like Java fern. You should make sure that the plants should not loose.

In conclusion

To conclude, moss can be your first choice for planting aquatic plants on aquarium stones. And you can anchor them on stone surfaces with instant gel, fishing lines, nylon mesh, etc. Keep in mind – choose suitable plants according to the aquatic pets in your tank because of diverse light and living requirements.

That’s all for today. For additional ideas about aquatic plants that can be planted on aquarium stones, please feel free to share with us in the comments. Finally, thanks for reading and we hope this article helps. If you want to learn more about aquatic plants, you can go to the following topics.

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