6 Ways To Style Your Boring Old Fish Tank With LED Lights

By John Willson from goswitchgear.com

Keeping fish is a wonderful hobby that allows us to be closest to the ocean’s vastness. After all, the sea is a beautiful location with beautiful specimens of aquatic animals and mysteries. However, your fish being inside a boring old tank will not look as fabulous, and this may be something you may want to rectify.

What to do with old fish tanks? There are plenty of ways to decorate and style your fish tank, but none of it will pop off if there isn’t proper and colorful lighting. This is where LED lights are a great option, as they are both modern and affordable. If you are unsure about how to use LED lights or are looking for inspiration, we have you sorted out. This article will provide you with 6 cool ways to style your boring old fish tank with LED lights. Let’s dive in.

Simple Lighting With A Plastic Gutter

This is an effortless way to style your fish tank. All you will need is a roll of LED light strips and a plastic rain gutter, typically used for houses. Firstly, you will need to cut the plastic drain to be a bit shorter than the length of the fish tank. Once this is done, you can attach the strip across the length of the gutter and place it on the tank’s top. After that, you need to connect an electrical cable to the strip, and you’re done. The light will be diffused by the water in the tank and make it look magnificent.

Construct an Aquarium With LED Strips

This is another way of lighting up your fish tank with more consistency and variety. This involves using glass panes and gluing LED strips in between. These panes of glass will need to be cut in a way so that they can be put together in the form of a fish tank, and you can use your old fish tank too. Once this is done, the lighting can diffuse through the water. You can do this with different colors or even designs, according to the setup.

LED Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a trendy way to decorate your room, and you can do this with your fish tank too. This is because these lights are waterproof and do not cause algae growth while providing hue and dimming controls. You can set them up in any design you wish that matches the aesthetic of your room.
old fish tank ideas

LED Bulbs With A Custom Cover

This is another simple way to style your fish tanks elegantly. It involves making a custom cover using a plant pot, which you can spray paint into a solid color. You will then have to drill through to set up a bulb socket where you can connect your LED bulb. You can then set up 2-3 of these over your fish tanks like spotlights, adding style and elegance to your boring old fish tank.

LED Plant Grow Light

This way allows you to add life to your fish tank and make it look as close to the ocean as possible. This setup involves using an overhead cover over your fish tank with multiple LED strips. The width and length of this cover will have to match precisely those of the fish tank. This way, the planted aquarium lighting can hit every inch of the plants within. Next, you can add whatever plants you want to your aquarium, making them last a long time and stay in good condition. Make sure you use colors blue, red, and yellow as these are best for aquarium plants.

LED lights with glass vases

You can use glass vases for your aquarium and decorate them with stones, reefs, and plants. You can then position them inside your aquarium and add LED lighting below the tank where they are standing. This will make them stand out and give off this mermaid aesthetic that will help your boring old fish tank stand out and look gorgeous. You can take this a step further by changing the colors of the LEDs in the multiple glass vases.

To sum up

Fishkeeping is a fun hobby that allows us to have aquatic animals as close to us as possible. However, fish tanks can look quite dull at times, and you may want to style them to capture the ocean’s magnificence. One way to do this is by incorporating LED lights into your fish tanks. We have looked at a variety of ways where you can use all sorts of LED lights to make your aquariums look beautiful and aesthetic.

We hope this article has provided you with inspiration and guidance for styling up your fish tank. Thank you for reading!

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