What Do You Know About the Weird Fishes

Have you ever seen a fish that looks like a walking leaf, or one that can inflate itself into a ball? Believe it or not, these are just a few examples of the many bizarre and fascinating fish that live in our oceans, rivers, and lakes.

In this blog, we’re going to explore 10 of the weirdest-looking fish on the planet. We’ll learn about their unique physical characteristics, their habitats, and how they adapted to survive in their environments. We’ll also share a funny anecdote about a weird fish encounter. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the deep sea of weird fish!
weird fishes

What is Weird Fishes About?

We all know that the sea is full of incredible creatures and some of these creatures look weird due to their unique shapes, colors, and patterns. This includes Box fishes, Axolotl, Antennariidae, Mandarinfish, and many more. Some of them are shaped like boxes, some have super long noses, and others have glowy lights to attract dinner! These are just a few of the many strange and amazing fish that live in the deep, dark sea.

The 10 Weird-Looking Fish in the World

1. Phycodurus Eques

One of the strange-looking creatures that can be seen in oceans is Phycodurus eques which is called the leafy sea dragon by some, but it is friendly! They inhabit the coast of southern Australia, and they disguise themselves among seaweeds with the help of their leaf-like organisms.

It is just mind-blowing that those beautiful colors are a part of their natural camouflage, which helps them to stay unnoticed by their tiny shrimp and other crustaceans would be their lunchtime snacks. Males of the sea dragons carry the eggs while they hatch.

Phycodurus Eques

2. Trunkfishes

Trunkfish is the name attributed to certain species of fish known for their unique appearance and peculiarities. They are rooted in an effectively armored body shape, which consists of hard bone plates surrounding the animal’s skin, making them look like the carriers of the battles. Along with the egg-shaped body and small jaw and eye, the trunk fishes also possess a sweet and almost cartoonish avatar.

Such fishes are n ot considered good swimmers but can release toxins when they are uncomfortable. The predators do not find them attractive in any way due to this. The Trunk fishes have generally been seen in the warm seas and consume algae, snails, and other small crustaceans.


3. Trumpet fish

The Trumpet fish is a weird-shaped marine species with a slim, tubular body and a special trumpet-like mouth. They are usually seen in the waters of tropical and subtropical regions, usually near coral reefs or seagrass, which are their natural habitat.

By their bodies, trumpet fish have learned the skill of hiding in their environment and, upon the opportunity, surprise their victims. As others know them, they are curious as well, and in case a diver or snorkeler comes close to them, they approach them with tentativeness.

Trumpet fish

4. Mandarinfish

The Mandarinfish, known for its vibrant colors and intricate patterns, is a small saltwater fish native to the Pacific Ocean. With its blue body adorned with orange and yellow stripes, the Mandarinfish is a striking sight in coral reefs. It is known for its unique mating ritual, where males perform a dance to attract females. Despite its stunning appearance, the Mandarinfish is a shy and reclusive creature, often hiding in crevices and under coral. Mandarinfish

5. Antennariidae

Antennariidae is a family of small, early morning feeders that are equipped with a special apparatus on their ventral side which allows them to conceal their presence and capture their prey. Their large disc shape with the mouth located at the center of their body and tentacle-like appendages give them an appearance very much like sea plants.

It is such a thing as these extra limbs allow them to similar surroundings, and they become perfect with their ambush hunting skills. Many kinds of frogfish occur in the tropical waters of the oceans around the globe. They keep using camouflage to smuggle their prey to the corresponding distance to catch.


6. Axolotl

The Axolotl is one of the unique and interesting amphibian types around nowadays that is known for its regenerative nature. These amphibians, which are only found in Mexico, possess the capacity to re-growth lost arms and this led them to be the most sought-after organism by scientists for studies. This distinctive amphibian owes its splendid external gills and shiny body to nature providing its miraculous creations again. Axolotl

7. Pufferfish

The phenomenon of pufferfish, also familiar as the blowfish, is a species of fish that attracts attention to its evolutionary capability to expand itself in case of danger. It is listed on the endangered species list as “Vulnerable”.
It uses this mechanism for defense, as it makes the pufferfish look big and therefore intimidating to potential enemies. Antics and apparent barrenness of puffer fish may deceive people, however, the puffer fish is, in fact, a highly toxic fish that harms if the fish is eaten carelessly.

8.Peristedion Orientale

The Peristedion Orientale (a common name for the oriental armored gurnard), is a fish that lives mostly in Indo-Pacific waters. This specific fish is a well-known fish by the name of ‘This Special Fish’ because of its bright colors and elaborate fin structures. An oriental armored gurnard is a colored creature with a width of 5-11 cm. They use their pectoral fins to flip or move around the sea bottom in search of food, making them great creatures to discover in their natural habitat. Peristedion Orientale

9. Flying Fish

Flying fish are one of the most interesting types of fish that really can perform aerodynamics, as they have developed a sense of gliding in the air. These animals feature big, streamlined bodies and large pectoral fins that make them jump out of water and cover a long distance before submerging again. The aerial feature of flying fish is one of their main advantages, enabling the prey’s pursuit and safe hide from predators. Flying Fish

10. Candiru

Candiru is a species of parasitic catfish that is well known for how they invade (i.e. they attach their bodies to the host). Also known as the vampire fish, Candiru is known for its habit of swimming into the gills or other bodily openings of larger fish, where it feeds on blood. This behavior has earned Candiru a fearsome reputation among swimmers and fishermen in certain regions of South America. Candiru

Weird Fish Anecdote

Flying Fish
A pilot once reported seeing a Flying Fish glide alongside his plane at cruising altitude! Was it a freak updraft or an exceptionally ambitious fish? (This anecdote is unconfirmed but highlights their impressive gliding abilities)

Leaf Scorpionfish (Phycodurus eques)
A diver accidentally sat on a Leaf Scorpionfish perfectly camouflaged in the sand. Luckily, the venomous sting was mild, but the diver learned a valuable lesson about watching where you sit!

Trunkfish (or Boxfish)
A prankster at a public aquarium convinced a child a Boxfish was a living Rubik’s Cube challenge. The child spent ages trying to twist the seemingly-segmented fish, much to the amusement of onlookers.

Trumpet fish
Aquarists have observed Trumpet fish working together to herd tiny prey into a corner of the tank before launching a synchronized surprise attack. This teamwork is rarely seen in the fish world.

A Mandarin spawned in a community tank, and the fry (baby fish) was accidentally eaten by other tank mates. The heartbreak of the hobbyist trying to raise these finicky eaters is a cautionary tale for beginners.
weird looking fish


To sum up, the big and colorful underwater kingdom is an immense place that reveals to the one who looks close enough, a great number of strange and beautiful fish species, each with its amazing adaptations and habits. You find an incredible variety of unexpected creatures from seahorses to pufferfish that attract your attention because of the way they look and do things. Exploring their world reminds us of the endless marvels hidden beneath the waves.

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