hygger 076 Planted Clip-on LED Light Video


What are the features of hygger 076 clip-on LED light:
1. High-color rendering for aquatic plants
2. 10 light colors/ 10 levels of brightness to choose from for various planted tank
3. DIY colors mode – individually set red/green/blue colors
4. 24/7 nature mode – simulate natural sunrise and sunset lighting
5. 6 choices of timer for daytime and night. 6H/8H/12H for daytime and 3H/5H/12H at night
6. 7 models to choose from for fish tanks of different lengths


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There are stunning fish to choose from for nano fish tank building, but the nano tank also needs aquarium equipment, for example, a mini clip on light for 0.5-19 gallon small tank with white blue and red LED light is one of the best mini LED light for nano fish tanks.
Providing higher dissolved oxygen filtration, hygger 093 nano air diffuser can add sufficient oxygen into the tank water to increase the vitality of the fish. It is easy to clean and not easy to get clogged when diffuse dense bubbles with special EVA material.
The vertical aquarium heater providing short-circuit protection for aquarium electric safe. Whatever install in the freshwater or saltwater fish tanks, it can place on the corner or bottom, vertical or horizontal to save tank space for the tank inhabitants.
Full spectrum marine LED light for optimal growth of corals and marine fish, it is brighter and more penetrating with 60-degree lens. The UV lamp beads have a wavelength 380-780nm, making corals color more vivid and translucent for small reef tanks.
Automatically feed fish when you're out of home with APP control, after install the fish feeder to the fish tank, you can set portion and feeding schedule according to the aquatic pets' need, monitor your aquarium, take photos and record videos and share them freely.
How to do daily maintenance easily for small fish tanks? The hygger 080 siphon coral feeder kit is the all-in-one tank cleaner for water change, sand wash, glass brush, and feed fish and corals, you can even remove rotted leaves/transfer fish with the fish net.

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