hygger 965 Aquarium Cleaner Tool Kit Review Video


This hygger 965 cleaner tool kit review video is created by ReefSite, who is an aquascape enthusiast for reef aquariums and marine tanks. Thanks for sharing the review video with hygger.

About the hygger 965 fish tank cleaner tool
1. Can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks
2. Made of quality stainless steel, sturdy, good grip, and no rusting
3. Getting into the hard-to-reach places of the tank
4. Pull out tiny little frags/small gravels from the tanks
5. For shaping sands and scraping algae
6. Professional tools for aquarium plant tidying and bonsai pruning


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When it comes to do the aquarium cleaning, the tank cleaning tool is necessary equipment, especially some professional cleaning set can do it a big favor. For a small to medium tank, hygger cleaning set 6-In-1 is the smart choice for the daily tank maintenance.
The hygger 078 circular air pump comes with Bourbon tube and accessories includes regulating valve, air stones, check valve, and long air tube for freshwater and marine fish tanks from 10 to 300 gallons, it has a compact design and comes with a round shape.
A cost-effective external aquarium digital thermometer can be used for freshwater and saltwater fish tanks with an aluminum alloy sensor. Its S model has a min/max temperature records, the L model has a high/low temperature alarms. The screen is transparent.
There are stunning fish to choose from for nano fish tank building, but the nano tank also needs aquarium equipment, for example, a mini clip on light for 0.5-19 gallon small tank with white blue and red LED light is one of the best mini LED light for nano fish tanks.
Providing higher dissolved oxygen filtration, hygger 093 nano air diffuser can add sufficient oxygen into the tank water to increase the vitality of the fish. It is easy to clean and not easy to get clogged when diffuse dense bubbles with special EVA material.
The vertical aquarium heater providing short-circuit protection for aquarium electric safe. Whatever install in the freshwater or saltwater fish tanks, it can place on the corner or bottom, vertical or horizontal to save tank space for the tank inhabitants.
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