User-friendly Fish-keeping Beginner Set

As a beginner fish hobbyist, you probably are overwhelmed by the various filters that you could choose from. As many experienced fish hobbyists would recommend, a sponge filter is the best filter choice of all.

Easy-to-clean sponge filter

Let’s take a look at hygger double sponge filter.

First of all, the sponges are great mechanical filtration to catch debris. It’s easy to clean and replace. It could also be used as biological filtration to host all those beneficial bacteria. On top of the sponges, the filter also comes with bio balls which will host even more beneficial bacteria. When the water is being filtered and pumped out, it will become much cleaner and clearer. Once again, oxygenation is all about water agitation, when the water is being pumped out from above and agitates the water surface, there will be more air in the water for the fish and plants.

fish beginner set

If you want to increase the water flow in the fish tank, you could also add a submersible mini water pump into the fish tank. This is a very small & compact water pump that can be used in saltwater or freshwater. It is perfect for small to medium size aquariums, fish tanks, cat & dog water fountains, waterfalls in terrariums, tabletop fountains, spouts, water gardens, and hydroponic systems. This quiet water pump is Amazon’s choice. To be nominated as Amazon’s choice, the products need to have perfect quality, price, and review. Hope this water pump could also become your choice as well.

The must-haves in the aquarium

Talking about the must-haves in the aquarium, I have to mention the heater for tropical fish. When it comes to buying a heater, there are two things that fish hobbyist shall consider. It should be easy to operate on the one hand, and on the other hand, for security reasons, it should also be able to turn itself off when it is out of water or send an “out of water” signal to the fish hobbyist.

Hygger mini quartz glass aquarium heater is specially designed for small and medium-sized tank use. This fish tank heater is very safe and durable. It can resist a high temp of 1800 ℉ and is excellent explosion-proof & shatter-resistant. The aquarium heater is very reliable to maintain the water temp as your set. It will stop heating when the water temp reaches the set temp and will restart heating when the temp is 1.5-2 ℉ below the set temp. The aquarium heater will auto shut off once the water temp is over 97 ℉. Just submerge the heater in the water and rotate the knob on the temp controller to set it to the desired temp which is between 68-90℉.

Aquarium tools

Sooner or later, fish hobbyists will encounter an algae crisis. If you have no idea how to deal with the algae on the fish tank’s wall or on your moss, and you also need scissors that could be used to trim the aquarium plants; then you could buy the Stainless Steel Premium Aquarium Tools from us.

Hygger aquarium tools are made of high-quality stainless steel with black spray paint, it’s anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The aquatic tool set also comes with 1 reusable & washable cleaning cloth, you can use that to wipe and dry these tools after you’ve finished the trimming, cleaning, and planting. The tools come in a drawstring bag and would be a nice gift. If you are looking to make your aquascaping life easier, this tool set would be really helpful. 

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