Hygger Aquarium Small Water Pump

Comes with 2 Nozzels, Ultra Quiet & Adjustable, Must be Fully Submerged, Easy to use & Clean


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Super quiet and powerful: Adoption of new technology.
Low power consumption and longer duration: Utility design can save more energy and wear proof ceramic shaft extends duration.
Adjustable flow speed and reliable operation: Adjust the flow speed with the rotary knob.
Easy to use and maintenance: Adoption of utility design is easy to use this pump.
Perfect for mini aquariums, fountain and so on.
Suitable for freshwater and saltwater.


To clean the pump, remove the intake cover, sealing cover and impeller. Use a small brush or steam of water to remove any debris.
If the pump doesn’t work, check as following:
?Check the circuit. Please try to plug on another power socket, to ensure the pump switched on with power. Note, please do not plug on before operation.
?Check the pump outlet and tube, whether blocked by dirty.
?Check the inlet cover to ensure not clogged by debris.
?Remove the pump inlet cover to access the impeller. Turn around the rotor to check whether broken or jammed.
?Monthly maintenance will prolong your
pump’s life. Clean the rotor, remove the dirt.
Note: For indoor use, the power socket must be installed with the leakage current protecting device, and the leakage current shall not exceed 30 mA (The consumer must install the leaking current protection device by themselves).


Brand: Hygger


1 * User manual
1 * Mini submersible water pump
1 * 8mm(5/16″”) outlet connection
1 * 13mm(1/2″”) outlet connection