hygger Variable Frequency Titanium Heater

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Titanium heater with overheat protection and external digital controller for 60-180 gallons freshwater tank

1 x Titanium heater
1 x Suction cup holder
1 x User manual

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Intelligent Titanium Heater

The hygger titanium heater is based on the Japan Renesas chipset, when the water temp in the fish tank is 1℉ lower than the set temp, the heater will output the maximum power. When the water temp is 0.1~0.9℉ lower than the set temperature, the aquarium heater will switch to the frequency conversion constant temp mode to work. The 800-watt heater is recommended for 120-180 gallon freshwater aquariums while the 500-watt heater is recommended for 60–120 gallons.

Variable Frequency Design

When the water temperature is close to what has been set, the heater will automatically switch to variable frequency mode for low-power heating to save energy, meanwhile, low power to heat 0.5 F-1F to make the temperature more accurate. It heats water very fast and can save one-third of the electricity bill.

hygger 055 heater 500W 800W

Memory Function

After shutting off the titanium heater, once the power is turned on again, it will still keep the last setting.

Auto Power Off & Warning Signals

When the hygger heater is exposed to air, it will shut off automatically and warn. When it is completely immersed, it will start working again. It will alarm when over the set temperature.

Real-safe Aquarium Heater

The beeping alert system will work when the heater is used in the wrong way. The aquarium heater titanium is constructed of explosion-proof titanium and the plastic guard prevents fish from coming into contact with the heating and prevents burnout. The heater is made of titanium steel material and heats water very fast.

Dual Sensor Mode

There are two sensors in the titanium heater. If one of the sensors is damaged, it will display E1, and the heater will auto-stop working to protect the tank inhabitants.
The built-in LED display shows the real-time water temp and power, and the temp is accurate to ±1 °F; when the water temp reaches the set temp value, the heater will stop heating, and power is displayed as 0.

LED Digital Display

hygger titanium heater has an adjustable temp setting that is between 59 °F to 93 °F in 1-degree increments. The built-in LED display shows the real-time water temperature and power, and the temp is accurate to ±1 °F; when the water temp reaches the set temp, the heater will stop heating, and power is displayed as 0.

Directions for Use

Note: When an error code appears indicating ‘E1’, although there is still one sensor that can work, it will increase the risk for the tank creatures, please contact us for after-sales service.

Use Tips

Error Codes Error Causes Solutions
Er & beeping The out-of-water sensor is a failure Place the heating rod fully submersible
Er When it is out of water Put it in water to recover
95 °F & beeping The water temperature is over 95 °F Put the heater in the right position. When the water temperature is lower than 93 °F it will restart working.
Ec The source of interference failure When the source of the interference with products disappears, the error code will disappear automatically
E3 Relay failure Plug in the power again


hygger 055 aquarium heater

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500W(60-120 Gallons), 800W(120-180 Gallons)

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2 reviews for hygger Variable Frequency Titanium Heater

  1. Tim

    Hyggers new variable frequency 800 watt titanium heater is amazing!

  2. ORLAN

    Excellent so far for my Discus tank. Keeps my water temp right on. Set at 90 for discus. The most I see the temp fluctuate is 1F and its very accurate to both a validated lab thermometer and an analogue thermometer.

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