hygger Ultra Short Aquarium Quartz Heater

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Ultra short quartz heater with thermostat controller for 5-160 gallon freshwater saltwater Tanks

Product includes:
1 x Heater rod
3 x Suction cups (includes 1pc spare part)
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Rapid Heat Accumulation

hygger ultra short aquarium quartz heater’s heating rod is made of explosion-proof quartz glass material and a high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium heating wire with silicon carbide heat conduction. It is anti-corrosion, non-leakage, non-conductive, explosion-proof, and makes water heating faster and safer, the heater is more durable and has longer-lasting heating.

hygger 060 heaters

External Smart HD Controller

The external thermostat controller is easy and safe to use without getting your hands wet. Each press of the heater will change the set temperature by 1℉(1℃).
Press the button on the flashing LED digital display to adjust preset temperatures and more functions for flagging Low/High temperature and out-of-water warning signs.

Safety Quartz Heater

The high-quality ABS protective cover is high-temperature and prevents the aquatic pets from directly touching the heating element during swimming. The dual suction cupholders plus a spare suction cup hold the quartz heating rod securely in place.

Safety Guarantee

This aquarium quartz heater built-in two temperature probes, when the water heater is out of water or over temperature, it will automatically stop heating and send out a warning signal L1 or HH. The heating rod will restart after it is completely submerged in water or cooled.

Intelligent Thermostat

When the actual temp is lower than the set temp by 1.5 °F/1.5 °C, the indicator light will turn red, the quartz heater will heat up to the set temp at full power, and the indicator light will turn a blue color, then stop heating. The temperature range is from 59℉ to 93℉.

Full Submersible Heater

The aquarium heater is suitable for 5-160 Gal freshwater and saltwater tanks. The memory function remembers the temperature you set when the power fails. Three suction cup brackets can stably fix the heater in every corner of the fish tank.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. Press the button for 5 seconds to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
2. Please rotate 90 degrees to install the suction cup.


hygger 060 quartz heater

Additional information


100W for 5-26 Gallon, 200W for 20-52 Gallon, 300W for 40-80 Gallon, 500W for 80-105 Gallon, 800W for 80-160 Gallon

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1 review for hygger Ultra Short Aquarium Quartz Heater

  1. Qadir

    I purchased two of these heaters only with different wattage for two different tanks. The heaters are functioning very well in my tropical tank. Temperature constantly holds at the setting at +/- 1 degree F.They are easy to set and keep accurate temperature. Not like other heaters where you have to guess the temperature. Big screen with up and down temp controls for easy control. When I purchased the heaters, I went a little above the wattage for each size tank just to make sure I wouldn’t have problems. Both works great.

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