hygger Submersible Double Quartz Heater

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Large aquarium submersible double quartz heater with intelligent auto stop heating system for freshwater and saltwater 40-260 gallons

Product includes:
1 x Heater rod
1 x Controller holder
3 x suction cups(includes 1pc spare part)
1 x Hook
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Overheating & Out of Water Protection

The hygger submersible heater will automatically cut off the power and stop heating when the water temperature exceeds 94 °F, it will display an error code and sound an alarm until the water temperature is below 94 °F. When the tank water is lower than the minimum water level, the heater will auto-shut off, and it will restart until completely immersed in the water. The multiple heating protection protects the inhabitants in aquariums.

Digital LED Controller

hygger 043 quartz heater’s temperature adjustable range is 59℉-93℉ and the accuracy is ±1 °F. You can use the included bracket to mount the controller on the tank edge and adjust the temperature without reaching into the water. The LED controller shows the current water temperature, preset temperature, working power, and more warning sign of Low/ Hi temperature/ Auto shut off. This quartz aquarium heater is very easy to operate.

hygger 043 aquarium quartz heater

Large LED Display

With the quartz heater’s large LED digital display, you can easily check the current water temperature, current working power, and alarms. Just press the SET button once, and you can set the temperature from 59-93, relative to overheating protection, the “Low” light will flash when the water temperature is lower than 59 °F.

More Accurate Heating Temperature

hygger upgrade the heater with the Smart chip and makes the temperature accurate to 1 °F, the temperature control accuracy even is ±0.1 °F. The heating will stop when the water temperature reaches the set temperature.

Efficient and Explosion-proof

The aquarium heater is made of explosion-proof quartz glass and high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium heating wire. It works with faster water heating, is safer, and longer-lasting. The heater guard is made of high-quality PC plastic to protect tank inhabitants from burns.

Anti-day Function

The quartz heat will auto turn off when it is out of water 5 cm, the thermostat will sound an alarm and the “auto shut off” will flash, and it will resume functioning upon return.

Complete Accessories and Warranty

This aquarium heater comes with the accessories you need and it offers a 12-month warranty.

Directions for Use

Error code: HH-high temp; LL-low temp.

Use Tips

How to install hygger 043 Submersible Double Quartz Heater?

how to install hygger quartz heater


hygger 043 heater parameter

Additional information


300W for 40-80 Gallon, 500W for 65-135 Gallon, 800W for 80-220 Gallon, 1000W for 130-260 Gallon

1 review for hygger Submersible Double Quartz Heater

  1. Harper

    Purchase 300w for my tall tropical tank 65gallons, works great! The external temperature control is awesome and very accurate. It also heats up very quickly, keeping my fish tank at 78 degrees for a long time

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