Hygger Mini Aquarium Heater for Small Fish Tank 50W (1-6.5 gallon)

50W (1-6.5 gallon)
100W (6.5-13 gallon)


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?Fully submersible: The heating rod must be completely immersed in water.
?LED digital temperature display: Multi-function LED digital display shows the water temperature clearly and accurately.
?External temperature touch controller: Easy to set the desired temperature you want.
?Equipped with plastic protective sleeve: Prevents small fish from harmed.
?Explosion-proof quartz heating tube: Safer than traditional coil heaters.
?Safety control protects against running dry: Shut off automatically when the heater exposed to air, then the LED display shows “”ET??. When temp pass 95??F (35??C ),the LED display shows “”HH??, the heater will shut off automatically.
?Accurate and extended duration: Made of premium material and with scientific design.
?Small shape is ideal for small aquarium tanks
?Suitable for freshwater and saltwater


A.Place the heater as following diagram:

B.Plug to power and press the “SET” button on the external temperature controller and you will see the digital temperature flashing three times on the display of heater. Press the “SET” button until reach your desired temperature value. The display will flash the desired temperature value three times, then return displaying the current water temperature. Your setting is done. You can press the “SET” button persistently to display 63-93??F in a cycle.
For example, Your desired temperature is 90T. Just press the “SET” button until “90” is shown on the display and wait for the “90” to flash three times, then the “90” will return to the value of the current water temperature. Your setting is done.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Oval heater with external controller
1 x User manual