hygger Fully Submersible 500W Aquarium Heater

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Submersible water heater ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquarium

  • External Digital Display Controller
  • Double Tubes Heating Element
  • Running-Dry Shut Off Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Works in both Freshwater and Saltwater Tank
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hygger 001 aquarium heater

hygger submersible aquarium heater has a double heating element, uses explosion-proof quartz glass and a high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium heating wire combined to distribute heat quickly, and efficiently to create a comfortable aquatic for your lovely fish. This fully submersible water heater also features an adjustable LED digital controller that displays real-time water temperature and set temperature.

Features of hygger 001 Aquarium Heater

. Built-in dual temperature probe.
. Adjust the temperature from 59 to 93 °F (15–34 °C).
. Preset prevents too high-temperature setting.
. PC plastic guard has high-temperature resistance and protects fish from getting burnt.
. 500-watt heater suitable for 66–120 gallons marine and freshwater tanks.
. 800-watt heater suitable for 80–190 gallons of marine and freshwater tanks.
. Multi-function: 1. temp setting remembers 2. running-dry protection 3. overheating protection.
. Pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds changes it from F to C readouts.

Directions for Use

1. Please unplug the heater and let it cool for 15 minutes first before you perform a water change or take out the heater rod.
2. The heater must be fully submerged underwater at least 5 inches all the time, the plastic guard will be melted if the heater is exposed to the air when it’s heating or not cooling down.
3. Keep water in circulation for better distribution of the heat.
4. Keeping it off the gravel or sand is essential, as the difference in heat conductivity between the water and substrate could result in the heater glass cracking.


hygger 001 aquarium heater specs

Additional information


100W for 10-25 Gallon, 200W for 25-50 Gallon, 300W for 40-75 Gallon, 500W for 65-120 Gallon, 800W for 120 Gallon Up

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1 review for hygger Fully Submersible 500W Aquarium Heater

  1. Alvin

    Awesome heater, pretty accurate temperature too. Easy to read display. Easy to set. Would buy again!

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