hygger Full Spectrum Aquarium LED Light

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The full spectrum LED grow lights have 10 levels of brightness for freshwater fish tank and aquatic plants

Product includes:
1 x LED light
1 x AC/DC adaptor
2 x Metal brackets
1 x User manual

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Easy to Clean & IP68 Waterproof

hygger full spectrum LED grows lights have high-quality 5730 and 5050 LED beads. A layer of plastic covers outside the glue-filled lamp beads, which prevents dust from entering the light-emitting area and prevents splashing water, making it easier to clean and fully waterproof.
The full spectrum light has 10 levels of brightness and three time periods of 6H, 8H, and 12H to choose from. It is ideal for keeping ornamental fish and growing aquatic plants.

hygger 058 full spectrum light features

10 Levels of Brightness Adjustment

The lighting brightness can be adjusted in 10 levels, from dark to bright, depending on what you need. The full spectrum light has a large brightness adjustment range: 10%-20%-30%-40%-50%-60%-70%-80%-90-100%.

4 Timer Type & Memory function

The LED aquarium light can be set to 4 levels of Timers: No timer/6 hours/8 hours/12 hours. This full spectrum light has a power-off memory function, when power-off, the light setting is memorized, and it will be lit when it is turned on next time. It means the light will return to its original light and brightness.

4 Color Full Spectrum Light

The aquarium light uses 36 high-brightness LEDs in 4 colors of red RGB, blue, white, and green of 5730 and 5050 full spectrum light bulbs that widen and deepen the light emission range and lumen intensity.

3 Lighting Mode Adjustment

The light simulates natural light with 3 lighting modes:
1st full spectrum mode: Daylight, Blue, Green, Red lighting
2nd night mode: Blue lighting
3rd RGB mode: Daylight, Red RGB, Green lighting

Adjustable Bracket

The full spectrum light has a metal telescopic bracket, it can be stretched in the range of 11.8 – 55.5 inches, which is most suitable for 11.8 – 53.9 inch aquariums.

Heat-resistant & Drop-resistant

The thickness of the aluminum shell is 1.2 mm, and the surface is raised, which is heat-resistant and drop-resistant.

Detachable Design

The adapter is a detachable design, it can be replaced separately when there is a failure of the adapter.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Different aquarium creatures have different requirements for lighting. You can control the light intensity and the duration with the most precise control through the full spectrum LED grow lights:

1. For fish that require high light, such as Pseudorasbora parva, Hemiculter leucisculus, Poecilia latipinna, etc. you can choose 100% brightness.
2. For fish with mid-light requirements such as tetra fish, and angelfish, you can choose 50% brightness and white, blue, or green light.
3. For fish has low light requirements, such as Corydoras Catfish, and Paddlefish, you can choose 10% brightness.


hygger 058 full spectrum light size

Additional information


11W 11.8"-18.9", 16W 16.1"-24", 20W 23.6"-32.3", 23W 28"-36.2", 29W 35.4"-43.7", 32W 46"-53.9"

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5 reviews for hygger Full Spectrum Aquarium LED Light

  1. Jonathan

    Hygger has the best lights at an affordable price. I will probably never buy another brand

  2. Carl

    Does the HGH058 light come with the power adaptor?

    • service

      Yes, it comes with the power adaptor.

  3. Carl

    If the timer in the light is used for example 8 hour cycle does the light shut off for 16 hours or does it go to 10%?

    • service

      Hi Carl, it depends on the mode you set.

      hygger team

  4. Carl

    I’m thinking of getting this HGO58-16W for my 10 gallon Ember Tetra tank with anubias and different mosses and floating plants.When using the timer set at 8 hours,will it shut off completely and come back on the next day on it’s own?And if I choose not to use the timer will the light work if plugged into a lamp timer?

    • service

      Hi Carl,
      Yep, the 058 light has memory function and it will work with the settings when it come back.

      hygger team

  5. Sachio

    Absolutely lovely! This is my third time buying hygger lights. A beautiful light with full spectrum lightning and very bright light on full power. All my plants love the hygger lights, and I especially love the 10 levels of brightness adjustment. prefer the light to gradually turn on and off so the fishes are not shocked. It goes on my 75 &20G aquariums. prefer the light to gradually turn on and off so the fishes are not shocked. It goes on my 75 G aquarium. I don’t have any complaints and recommend this product.

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