hygger Fish Tank Heater

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Titanium steel aquarium heater with an external controller and digital displays for freshwater aquariums.

Package includes:
1 x Fish tank heater
1 x Suction cup clip
1 x User manual

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hygger 500W / 800W titanium steel aquarium heater with an external controller and digital displays on the heater and the controller has a fast heating up speed. It is perfect for use in large fish tanks sized over 60 gallons in cold weather.

Energy-saving heater for aquariums larger than 60 gallons

It takes about 2 minutes to heat 3.5-gallon water to 3 °F with this fast-heating-up aquarium heater. It is more energy-saving than a general high-power heater with 2 heating modes: MAX heating, and ECO heating because the 2 modes shift automatically according to the D-value between the water temp and set temp.
hygger 969 heating mode

1. Max heating mode

It means fast heating at full power when the aquarium heater is used to heat for the first time or when the water temp drops 1 °F or is lower than the set temperature.

2. ECO heating mode

It means slow heating to save energy. It only works when the water temp drops off 0.5-1 °F than the set temperature.

Safe to use

With a built-in thermometer and waterline detector, the heater will automatically shut off when overheating (over 97 °F) or not fully submerged (the top of the heater is out of the water over 0.8 inches).

Dual digital displays on the controller and heater

The digit display on the heater is to show the current water temperature, while the digit display on the controller is to show the current water temperature and the set temperature. You can check the water temperature whether on the aquarium heater or the controller display because the digits are synchronized and updated.

Fully automatic smart thermostat

It’s very easy to set the temperature on the controller. Just press the “Set” button to choose the temp digits from 70 °F to 94 °F (only integer values can be chosen). hygger 500-watt aquarium heater will stop heating when the water temp reaches the set temp, and it will restart heating when the water temp is 0.5 °F lower than the set temp. The heating mode is MAX heating when the set temp is 1 °F or higher than the water temp, And it will be running on ECO heating mode when the water temp is 0.5-1 °F lower than the set temp.

Suitable for freshwater

Covered by a sturdy plastic guard, and with a durable black titanium steel heating element, this fish tank heater has a service life that can last for 3 years or more. It can be used for freshwater fish tanks. The aquarium heater comes with a sturdy clip. There are 2 strong suction cups on the clip, which makes it easy to install the heater onto the fish tank wall. The fish tank heater can be placed horizontally or vertically but must be fully submerged underwater.

Directions for Use

1. Please install the heater fully underwater, but don’t bury it in the sand.
2. Please unplug the heater and wait for it to cool down for about 5–10 minutes before water changing or moving the heater.
3. To well install the fish tank heater on the tank wall, it is suggested to slip the suction cup clip to the top 1/3 of the heater tube.
4. It is suggested to install the submersible heater underwater close to the water intake. You can place it vertically or horizontally. Note: Placing it vertically will not take up too much space.
5. Please use a wave maker or a circulation pump for the fish tank because good water circulation will help uniform dispersion of the heat produced by the heater.

Error Code Explanations and Solutions

Error Code “Er”

Case 1. Automatically shut off when out of water

If you see the error code “Er” on the controller and the heater display, it means the heater is not well installed fully underwater, it will automatically shut off.

In this case, please place the heater fully submerged in water. 2 inches below the water surface at least is suggested.

Case 2. Automatically recover work when fully underwater
The heater will automatically work normally after you place the heater fully underwater.

Error code “EH”

Case 1. Automatically shut off when water temp over 97 °F.

If you see the error code “EH” on the controller and the heater display, it means the water temp is too hot, it will automatically shut off. But the rest heat of it may make the water temp go up a little more.

In this case, please wait for the water to cool down, or you can add some water to the fish tank.

Case 2. Automatically recover work when the water temperature drops below the set temp.

Please note, the controller is locked during this period.


hygger 969 heater parameter

Additional information


500W(for 60-120 Gallon), 800W(for 120-180 Gallon)

2 reviews for hygger Fish Tank Heater

  1. Wade Lawson

    Great heater, easy setup…but only lasted for 3 years

  2. Spencer

    Hygger does it again! It seems like they really listen to hobbyist and make many products better. Love the fact this has a controller and you don’t have to put your arm in the water for adjustments. Also love the fact it shows you what the temp is actually, plus what you have it set too. I did test the alarm and it worked great. Just loud and annoying enough to make sure you know there is a problem!

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