Hygger Titanium Steel Aquarium Heater for Marine and Fresh Water 800W (for 120-180 gallon)

500W (for 60-120 gallon)
800W (for 120-180 gallon)


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hygger 500W 800W titanium steel aquarium heater with external controller, with digital displays on heater and the controller, fast heating up and energy saving, perfect for use in large fish tank over 60 gallon in cold weather.

Why choose hygger aquarium heater for large fish tank?

  1. Safe to use, the digital aquarium heater will auto shut off when the water temp is over 97?H, auto shut off when the top of the heater is out of water over 0.8inch.
  2. No explosion, with a plastic guard, the heating element is high-quality durable titanium steel, can be used for fresh water and salt water.
  3. Energy saving, with 2 heating up modes, the MAX heating mode and the ECO heating mode, it will automatically shift according to the D-value between the water temp and set temp.
  4. Digital display, you can check the water temp, set temp and the heating up mode on the controller at any time.
  5. Easy to set temp, only one set button on the controller, to choose the temp from 70?H to 94?H by pressing the button again and again, only round number can be chose.
  6. Automatical thermostat, the submersible heater will stop heating when it reaches the set temp, and start ECO heating mode when the water temp drop off 0.5-1?H.


Cautions for use:

  • Please install the heater fully under water, but don’t bury it in sands.
  • Please unplug the heater and wait it to cool down for about 5-10 mins before you doing water change or moving the heater.
  • To well install the fish tank heater on to the tank wall, we suggest to slip the suction cup clip to the top 1/3 of the heater tube.
  • We suggest to install the submersible heater under water where close to the water intake, you can place it vertically or horizontally, but place it vertically will not take up too much space.
  • Please use wave maker or a circulation pump for the fish tank, the good water circulation will help uniform dispersion the heat produced by the heater.


Most asked question about the heater heating modes:

Q: I have set the temp (78F) within 1F higher than the curent water temp (77.2F), but the heater never work on low heat feature, that’s why?

A: Please note that at the first heating stage, low heat feature will not work, the current water temp is 77.2F, you set temp to 78F, the heater will work like this:

1. First stage: heater will work at?MAX heating mode?to heat water up to 78F quickly, low heat feature will not work at this stage.

2. Second stage: water temp reaches the set temp 78F, heater stops heating, water temp will keep at 78F for a period of time.

3 Third satge: water temp begins to drop off, when it drops to 77.5F -77.1F, the heat will starts to work in?ECO heating mode,?the low heat feature works, but if the water temp suddently drops more than 1F lower than the set temp, the heater will work in?MAX heating mode.