Hygger Ceramic Bio Filter Media Brick

These bio media helps to remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate; reduces foul smell, various sorts of blemishes and discoloration; Thus, you’ll have clear water in a short time


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Efficient biological filter media and good water permeability: Hygger bio bricks is composed of countless 0.3 mm diameter nano balls which original material is ceramic heat treated by using the technique of high temperature pelletization over 1300 degree Celsius. High temperature calcinations results in extremely large amount of porous structures acting as mechanical filtration to trap particles as well as biological filtration providing a large surface area to allow beneficial bacterial colonize to grow. Therefore, it reduces the level of ammonia and nitrites. On the other hand, it reacts with any floating organic material in the water column causing an increase in adhesion rate, thus creating clean clear water quickly and effectively. It can also remove harmful material such as NH3/4, NO2, PO4, & NO3.
Colonize beneficial bacterial: Each brick with the large amounts of tiny holes offers great surface area make it an ideal home for the beneficial microbes to colonize. It’s hollow design distributes water flow thus enhance the dissolved oxygen of aquarium.
Reusable, Saving Budget: Reusable and long lasting, can be replaced every 3 years or more. Just to remember regular cleaning in case clogged.
Suitable for freshwater and saltwater: It is a neutral filter media helps to keeping your aquarium PH level at 7 or so. Can be used at indoor or outdoor, freshwater or saltwater aquariums, sump tank, canister filter and koi ponds.
ATTENTION: For reef tank, we suggest to complete it with Jaubert system or Berlin system as these bio medias lack of anaerobe. Do not use these bio media as single filter media when build up reef tank filter system.


a.Rinse the Nano brick with tank water (Don’t rub!) and soak it in tank water for 3 hours, in order to remove the dust.
b.Stack filter medias in the final stage of filtration or directly into your pond or tank. Then, add some nitrifying bacteria solution. Put filter pad before this biofiltration media, in order to remove floating impurities.
c.We recommend to periodic cleaning partial bio bricks monthly. Be sure to rinse with tank water in order to keep the nitrobacteria system well.
d.When the media is ageing, replace partial brick, don’t replace all. We recommend replace every 3-5 months.


Brand: Hygger
Shape: Square
Material: ceramic
Each dimension: 1.7″ L ?? 1.7″W ?? 0.8”H
Weight: 56 grams/each. 36-COUNT: 4.4 lbs


36 Counts Ceramic Bio Filter Media Brick