Hygger Aquarium Filter Media

Size: 40-Pack, 7.9 lbs


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Efficient mechanical and biological filter media:
Hygger aquarium biofiltration media also called as far-infrared bacteria house which is made from kaolinite and tourmaline, it’s a kind of ceramic that has been heat treated at 1800 Celsius for 24 hours. The tremendous amount heat causes the ceramic to break its internal bonds thereby creating an extremely porous structure that has a much greater larger multi-faceted biological surface to help support of biological filtration. It can achieve efficient mechanical and biological filtration, adsorb impurity and hazardous substance, decompose fish feces and residual fish food, kill harmful bacteria, clarify the water crystal clear.
Cultivate beneficial bacterial:
Far-infrared bacteria house with porous structure, to promote the proliferate of beneficial bacterium, its huge specific surface area make it have stronger ability of ecological filter processing. This filter media also can supplement rich minerals and trace elements. Under certain conditions, these substances will be absorbed by fish.
Increase dissolved oxygen:
This product can enlarge the area of effective bacterium, favors the reproducing of effective bacterium, hollow design effectively distributes water flow, then enhance the dissolved oxygen of aquarium. The bacteria house emits FAR infrared rays that break the bonds of the neighboring water molecules thereby allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water.
Cost efficient and durable after-filter media:
This biofiltration media is recommend to use as after-filter material, can be reuse, also long lasting.
For freshwater aquarium only:
The PH value of this biofiltration media is neutral. Its suitable for both indoors and outdoors usage as it is specially designed to work effectively in various filtration systems such as koi pond filters, overhead filter, canister filter, sump filter, wet and dry tricking filters, internal and external overflew systems etc.


a.Rinse the biofiltration media with clean water from tank (Don’t rub) and soak the media in clean water which is from tank for several hours, in order to remove the clastic and make the media can sink in water.
b.Place the filter media at the final stage of filtration direct into your pond or tank, and add some nitrifying bacteria solution and put the cotton filter material before this biofiltration media, in order to remove the floating impurity.
c.Periodic cleaning a part of the biofiltration cleaning with the water from the tank, in order to keep the nitrobacteria system well. We recommend once per month.
d.Once the media is ageing, replace a part of them, don’t replace all. We recommend every 3-5 months replace a part.


Brand: Hygger
Shape: Square
Dimension: 6.3″” Length x 1.5″” Width x 1.5″” Height
Material: ceramic
Each dimension: 6.2″” L?? 1.5″” Dia
Weight: 90 grams/each. 40-pack: 7.9 lbs; 80-pack: 15.8 lbs


40* Ceramic Bio Media Blocks
1* Manual