Hygger Aquarium Air Bubbler Decorations Light

Light Air Stone Material: ABS + Emery + LED light beads. Light color: red, blue, green.


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Bright LED: Energy efficient and reliable long-lasting LED lights add brightness and color to the aquarium.
Agitates water: The air stone produces a constant stream of bubbles which helps oxygenate aquarium water.
Waterproof: Level IP68 Waterproof ensures long lasting use.
Safety: The light has the advantage of long life-span and increased safety due to its low, 5v voltage transformer.
Beautiful Design: The Hygger Aquarium Trunk Bubble Decoration changes your aquarium into a beautiful scenery.


1.Soak the bubble light decoration for 10-15 minutes in water before first use.
2.Ensure the bubble light is clipped into the hole.
3.Join the air tube to the outlet of the air pump.
4.Place the bubble light in the desired location in your aquarium.
5.Clip the wire and the air tube into the slot.
6.Place the air pump higher than the water level of the tank.
7.Plug in the bubble light decoration and the air pump.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Led bubble light
1 x PVC tube
1 x Adaptor
1 x User manual