Hygger Aquarium Bio Filter Media



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MBBR processes use plastic media carriers. The carrier is typically designed to have a high surface area so that there is a lot of surface area on which the
beneficial bacteria attach and grow, then it will make the water cleaner, create a healthier environment for the fish.
Hygger K1 moving filter bio media is perfect for large freshwater or saltwater aquarium tanks, fish koi ponds, hydroponics, aquaculture, aquaponics.
You can also use this filter media for moving bed filter, DIY canister filter, DIY in-tank.


Brand: Hygger
1.Unit dimension: ?3/7″” x 4/15″”(?10*7mm)
2.Void ratio: >85%
3.Density: 0.94-0.97g/cm3
4.Packing numbers>990000pcs/m3
5.Dosing ratio: 15%-70%
6.Material: HDPE
7.Life-span: >10years
8.Membrane forming: 5-15 days.
2 weights available:
Weight 1: 2.4lbs/pack, total QTY is about 6600.
Weight 2: 7.9lbs/pack, total QTY is about 21600.


1.Before putting the filter media into use, please wash the media first to wash the dust away so it will not make your tank cloudy.
2.When use for aquariums, please note to add the biofilm filter K1 media to the filtration sump, not directly to the fish tank.
3.No need to make too much of movement for the sump water, just use air pump to put air into water to make filter media to move a little.
4.After putting the K1 filter media into use, it’s no need to maintain or clean it, just let it stay in where they are.
5.To get great filter effect, the maximum packing ratio of filler should be less than 70%.