hygger AC Adjustable Air Pump

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AC air pump ultra quiet with dual outlets for up to 600 gallons of freshwater marine aquariums, ponds, and hydroponic

Package includes:
1 x Air pump
1 x User manual

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Powerful & Steady Output

hygger 046 aquarium AC air pump provides powerful, reliable airflow to keep high oxygen levels for aquariums and help keep the creatures healthy. It is available in two sizes to handle the aeration for 5 to 600 gallons aquariums, hydroponic, and ponds.

Wide Application

As a vital aerator, the AC air pump can be used in deep tanks up to 8 feet, withstands long-time use to promote oxygen supplement constantly, and is powerful enough to power the long decorative air stones, multiple air stones in one or more tanks, and protein skimmers for saltwater aquariums. Widely suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums.

LCD Screen Display

You can press the -/+ button to adjust the air volume to meet the various needs and press the ON/OFF button to turn the AC air pump on or off.

Double Outlets Air Pump

The air pump’s double outlets fit for 3/16″ standard airline tubing and can be connected to air stones, sponge filters, aquarium decorations,  and other aerobic equipment. It is easy to insert multiple fish tanks or aquariums through double outlets.
hygger 046 air pump

Adjustable Air Flow

The aquarium bubbler comes with 2 flow control buttons and an ON/OFF button. The amount of air for dual outputs can be controlled by simply pressing the “+/-” button, you can adjust the airflow to oxygenate tanks fully.

Ultra Quiet Operation

The hygger AC air pump uses a magnetic ceramic plate driver that operates quietly, without electromagnet interference. The suspended motor, ABS thick shell, and sealed inner baffle greatly reduce noise. At the same time, the soft rubber foot pad can effectively cushion the vibration produced by the motor, and the full copper wire motor is stable and durable. With 4 shockproof rubber feet to greatly minimize the vibration, it ensures steadier airflow and reduces noise during aeration work.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

The max noise does not exceed 30DB, which is barely noticeable.


hygger 046 air pump parameter

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5-300 Gallons, 20-600 Gallons

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1 review for hygger AC Adjustable Air Pump

  1. Kiran Rao

    This is the pump you are looking for!Quiet, powerful, and nicely built. Got this the next day , I decided to replace two noisey power heads in my undergravel filter, and was so impressed with this thought i would write a review. You cannot feel any vibration, or hear any noise from this air pump, it comes with nice long tubes two air stones two one way valves, suckers and really long air tube. This air pump puts out a lot of air even when I have it on low setting. I am very happy i can only hear the air bubbles now and no vibration or droning noise. I really do like the sound of the bubbles in the water.

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