Kickoff Your Black Friday Savings on hygger Store

Dear friends, are you waiting for a big discount or crazy shopping? Attention now, the good news here. We are offering a 20% discount on 90 percent of products in the hygger Amazon store. Additionally, there are also stacking discounts for some products. For example, hygger 998 aquarium heater and hygger 018 aquarium light for large fish tanks.

When and where to get the discount?

Start Date: 2022-11-24, 12:00 AM PST

End Date: 2022-11-28 11:59 PM PST

Please go to hygger amazon store and select your favorite aquarium equipment with a big discount for your Black Friday and Mania Monday.

The head discount for the Black Friday deal

1.hygger 998 aquarium heater

This is a submersible aquarium heater with an adjusted knob suction cup for coral saltwater and freshwater, and it is designed especially for 15–80 gallons of fish tanks. Its quartz glass construction makes it shatterproof and explosion-proof. With ETL certification, it has a quality advantage.

Stacking discounts: 40%+20%

2.hygger 018 aquarium light

It is a clip-on and full-spectrum aquarium light, which is ideal for 11–55 inches long tanks. There are four modes to choose from, including Sun mode, Moon mode, Daylight and moonlight lighting mode, and manual mode. More importantly, it can be spliced and used for extra-long fish tanks. For instance, 14W plus 42W can be used for tanks up to 60 inches long.

Stacking discounts: 20%+20%

More for a cool Black Friday deal

Aquarium light

  • 005 submersible aquarium light: It is ideal for fish-only tanks and planted tanks, 8–81 inches long.
  • hygger 978 aquarium light: An LED light for 12-54 inches fish tanks and planted tanks.
  • hygger 957 aquarium light: A full-spectrum programmable LED light for 12-55-inch fish tanks and planted tanks.

Aquarium heater

  • hygger 921 aquarium heater: A fast heating submersible heater for 60-180 gallon tanks.

Air stone

  • It runs quietly and has three sizes – 1.4 inches, 2 inches, and 4 inches.

Air pump

  • hygger 958 air pump: The airflow is up to 160GPH and 255 GPH. 5W is ideal for tanks up to 150 gallons, while the 10W is great for tanks up to 600 gallons.

Aquarium filter

  • hygger 908 sponge filter: Two sizes are available. S for 10-40 gallon tank, while M for 15-55 gallon tank.
  • hygger 027 aquarium filter: A multifunctional hang-on filter for small and medium tanks.

Aquarium water pump

  • hygger smart ATO water pump: It can drain and refill automatically. It can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks.

Aquarium cleaning tools

1. Gravel cleaner

  • hygger 956 gravel cleaner: With a spliced extension, it is ideal for various types of fish tanks.

2. Cleaning tools kit

  • hygger 4-in-1 fish tank cleaning kit: It includes a fish net, a clean brush, a flat sponge, and a glass scraper.

These are only part of the aquarium supplies which participating in the Black Friday deal, there are more products in the hygger Amazon store for you to choose from.

More coupons

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