hygger Titanium Tube Heater

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Titanium heater is suitable for 10 to 80 gallons saltwater and freshwater tanks with memory function

1 x Heater with controller and temperature probe
3 x Suction cups, one for temperature sensing wire and two for securing the heater
1 x User manual

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Intelligent Temperature Control System

Hygger titanium tube heater is made of TA2 Aviation Titanium Alloy, the heater tube is covered by Teflon, the aquarium titanium heater is suitable for 10 to 80 gallons of saltwater and freshwater fish tank. It is built with an intelligent IC chip which has a precise temperature control system and memory function, the external controller displays water temperature and set temperature.

hygger 085 titanium aquarium heater

Heating Memory Function

The heater temp accuracy is 士 1℉/℃, and its setting range is from 68℉to to 90℉(20℃-32℃). The heater has an IP68 high waterproof level, it is explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, and ozone prevention. In case of a power cut, the heater will follow the last setting when the power recovers.

Fast Heating & Safe and Durable

The heating tube is anti-explosion quartz glass, it has durable stable nickel-chromium wire, which can fully convert electric energy into heat energy providing fast heating while saving energy and safe heating. The heater tube can not only quickly and stably conduct heat to the surroundings but is also safer for aquarium inhabitants.

Temperature Calibration Function

When the internal temperature is different from the external thermometer, the titanium heater can be calibrated by pressing the “+” and “-” keys at the same time for 5 seconds. This calibration function can help you set the temperature more accurately and help the heater work better.

Overheating Protection

When the water temperature is over 95℉-97℉, the titanium tube heater automatically stops heating and the controller will flash the E2 fault code. When the water temp cools down to 90℉, the heater will start working automatically.

Constant Temperature

When the water temp is 1-2℉ lower than the set temp, the red light is on and it will start heating automatically. The hygger 085 titanium heater will always maintain a comfortable temperature for your tank.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Saltwater aquarium heater
Tips to use hygger titanium tube heater

1. Immerse the heater completely in water, do not bury it in sand, and do not expose it to the air.

2. The temperature sensor and heater must be completely immersed in water at the same time to work together, and the distance between the two should not be too close.

3. Disconnect the power socket and wait for 15 minutes before changing the water or removing the heater.

4. When the heater is exposed to air, the power supply must be turned off, and the dry burning time should not be too long.

5. Make sure there is enough water circulating in the tank when using the titanium heater.

6. The external temperature controller must be kept away from the water as it is not waterproof.

How to set the hygger 085 aquarium heater

1. Press the ‘Set’ button and then press the “+” or “-” button to the desired temperature, the temp + or – 1℃/℉ with each time press. Once the setting is done, the screen will show the current water temp.
2. Press and hold the ‘Set’ button for 5 seconds can easily switch the temperature unit ℉/℃.
3. Press and hold “+” and “-” at the same time for 5 seconds to perform temperature calibration. The temperature calibration range is 士5℉/℃.
4.The voltage is 110-120V, 60Hz, the power cord is 4.82+1.31 feet.


1. We recommend that the heater be installed underwater near the water intake, either vertically or horizontally. But vertical placement doesn’t take up much space.

2. Use the wave maker or circulating pump for the fish tank. Good water circulation helps the heat generated by the heater to be evenly dispersed.

3. Clean the heating plate regularly.


hygger 085 titanium tube heater size

Additional information


50W for 10-15 Gallon, 100W for 15-20 Gallon, 200W for 30-40 Gallon, 300W for 50-60 Gallon, 500W for 70-80 Gallon

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  1. Tiffany

    These are absolutely wonderful for my tanks. I actually bought another one after I bought the first for my other larger tank and it does very well… it’s has an automatic shutoff at the temperature you set it to; and it uses very little space.

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