Interesting News and Anecdotes in Aquariums

The world of aquariums carries some interesting news and anecdotes. Here are some of them.

Inky’s Escape

An octopus, Inky, escaped from the National Aquarium in New Zealand, before being released into the sea.

According to the Guardian, Inky was handed over to a national aquarium by a farmer back in the day. Before being released into the open sea, it escaped through a 50-meter drainpipe. The drainpipe is open in Hawksbay New Zealand. The manager said that Inky was not unhappy, but curious. According to sources, the aquarium management team is completely assured that Inky was not stolen because the aquarium has an advanced security system.

Octopuses have no bones in their body structure. This feature makes it easy to pass through such a tiny space.

Maidenhead Aquatics Fish Missing Mystery Solved

The next aquarium news is related to Maidenhead Aquatics, an aquarium pet supplier in the UK. The aquarium was facing the issue of fish disappearance. The mystery came to an end when staff found a culprit, a Bobbit worm, living in the tank for 10 years. This worm was found in 3 pieces with a dead tail.

Bobbit worms’ habitat is not well documented, but they are often found in sand. They bury themselves under it with only a few centimeters of head exposed. This ability gives them a roam of safe stay for prolonged times at the same place. They can grow up to 10 ft long. But this culprit was only 4 ft long.

It Was a Baby Shark Not a Kid

In 2018 New Times they reported aquarium news about a baby shark theft.
According to the reports, someone called 911 and reported that a baby shark was missing from the San Antonio Aquarium. Police inspected the incident and found that a trio wrapped the baby shark like a kid and was strolling it through the hallway.

They used a net to remove the fish from the tank. After that, they used a bucket to transfer it into the stroller and make their way to the hall. Police tracked them down and were able to hand over the fish to the aquarium management team and took the thieves into custody.
Interesting Aquariums News

Berlin Aquarium Accident

The next anecdote in the aquarium is about a 14-meter-high aquarium burst in Berlin. Two people were injured in this incident.

This cylindrical 14-meter-high aquarium houses 1500 exotic fish from 80 different species. This DomAquarée complex incident caused a loss of 1 million liters of water and fish. The hotel’s residents migrated to another place.

The reason behind this accident was the crack in the vessel. It was said that the temperature was down to -10°C overnight. This caused an 18 cm thick crack at the top and 22 cm at the bottom. The crack burst just before 6 AM.

  • To avoid such a cold temperature catastrophe, you have to adopt some following safety tips.
  • Install a heater according to aquarium capacity and livestock.
  • Don’t add cold water directly as it can damage aquarium glass along with fish.

Oldest Fish in Captivity

In 2018, an Australian lungfish, Methuselah, at the California Academy of Sciences’ aquarium, celebrated her 80th birthday.

Her length is about 4ft. She loves to jump over figs and prawns and prefers to live alone in the tank. Lungfish species have been here for the last 400 million years. They use their bladder to swim and breathe air.

Lungfish have 6 different species across the globe. 4 of them are present in Africa. The rest of both are found in South America and Australia. Why is it named “lungfish”? Because it is a special fish that can not only breathe through its gills but also air directly through its lung-like swim bladder. Lungfish like to eat frogs, fish, mollusks tree roots, and seeds.

It was declared as an endangered fish in 2002. For more endangered fish, please go to The Most Endangered Fish Species in Aquarium.
If you want to set up a lungfish tank, then use the fresh water in your aquarium.

Interesting Anecdotes in Aquarium

  • Some fish, i.e., cichlids, are mouth breeders. They carry their eggs in their mouths till the time of hatching.
  • Fish vision depends upon their habitat. Some fish are colorblind, others have low light cues, and the rest of the species can see color.
  • Recently a study was carried out about the recognition. It’s revealed that aquarium fish can recognize familiar faces. According to the study, archer fish have 80% accuracy in 44 different pictures.

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