Hygger New Release Aquarium Chiller to Keep Aquarium Cool

In the face of high water temperature for your aquarium, what can you do? Aside from water changes, adding an aquarium chiller is an excellent alternative. So, if your tank is trapped in high water temp, why not take a look at the hygger new release 051 aquarium chiller, which can keep the aquarium cool?

Basic info about Hygger 051 aquarium chiller

Product name Hygger 051 aquarium chiller
Price $20.99-$35.99
Available size 1-fan head & 3-fan head
Ideal tank size 11.8–31.5 inches (30-80 CM) long & less than 0.45 inches (1.1 CM) thick
Suitable tank types freshwater & saltwater aquariums

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Features of Hygger 051 aquarium chiller

Hygger 051 aquarium chiller features a sturdy and beautiful ABS plastic shell, all-copper core motor, and FDB bearing, which form a quiet aquarium cooling fan. Also, a double switch design on the side enables you to turn off the power at any time, but do not need to unplug the power.

hygger new release fan

Combined-use cooling fan

One controller and power adapter can control two or three fans at the same time. With an adjustable angle of the fan head and a 39.37-inch 3-pin splitter, the 051 aquarium chiller is suitable for medium-sized fish tanks.

5 levels of wind speed

According to different environmental scenarios, you can set 5 levels of wind speed. In summer, you can set the fifth-gear wind without an air conditioner or other cooling equipment. While 1st /2nd /3rd /4th / gear wind is feasible in spring, fall, or winter.

Auto on and off chillers

Hygger 051 aquarium chiller is a quiet aquarium cooling fan with a 7-wing fan wheel. Speed setting and timer speed can be adjusted with an external controller. Timer speed setting can be selected from 5 time periods – 0.5H /1H /2H /4H /12H.

keep aquarium cool

About Hygger

Focusing on making professional aquarium products, hygger was founded in Shenzhen, China on 10 July 2018. We offer a variety of aquarium products, including aquarium lights, water pumps, fish tanks, aquarium filters, air pumps, aquarium heaters, aquarium decorations, protein skimmers, fish feeders, air stones, etc. Mastered the PID Variable Frequency Drive Technology, and now we are actively developing the market worldwide.

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