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Exciting news for all aquarium enthusiasts and hygger fans. To elevate your aquarium experience, hygger aquarium’s new products are coming soon. So are you getting ready to be the envy of your friends and family with hygger new products? If you want to be the first one to know about new product updates from hygger trends aquarium, just stay tuned to new releases.

About hygger

Hygger is committed to providing professional aquarium products, including aquarium lights, water pumps, fish tanks, aquarium filters, air pumps, aquarium heaters, aquarium decorations, protein skimmers, fish feeders, air stones, etc. To ensure that the products are efficient, reliable, and long-lasting, the hygger team has mastered the PID Variable Frequency Drive Technology. Now, hygger is actively developing the market worldwide and try to lead the aquarium trends.

Forthcoming hygger new products

1. hygger 079 LCD screen quartz heater

1)Get into the 079 heater

Suitable aquarium types Freshwater & Marine aquariums
Available power 100W /200W /300W /500W /800W
Appropriate tank size 30-260 gallon (100-980L)
LCD screen A high-quality LCD screen with a marquee display makes water temperature monitoring easier.
External controller A reliable and safe external controller makes operation convenient.
Faster heat conduction 079 heater is made of durable and explosion-proof quartz glass.
Temp control range 59-93℉ (15-34℃)
Temp accuracy 0.1℉ (0.1℃)
Temp tolerance range ±1℉ (±1℃)
Memory function & Dry burning-resistant protection Intelligent IC provides dry-burning-resistant protection to ensure safety.

2)What does a heater do in aquariums

Fish rely on the surrounding environment to adjust their body temp. If the water temp rises out of the ideal range, the fish’s metabolism will speed up. A heater is essential for aquariums because of two main benefits, including maintaining stable water temp and keeping fish free from injury in extreme weather.

2. hygger 073 external aquarium LCD thermometer

1)Get into the 073 thermometer

Suitable aquarium types Freshwater, Saltwater, Reptile, and Amphibian Aquariums
Available size S /L
LCD screen The thermometer features an aluminum alloy sensor and a cordless design with a touchscreen interface.
Temp measurement range 32-158℉ (0-70℃)
Temp accuracy 0.1℉ (0.1℃)
Temp measurement tolerance accuracy ±0.5℉ (±0.5℃)

2)What does a thermometer do in aquariums

With a thermometer, you can monitor real-time water temperature. Once you find the temp is out of the ideal range, you can make adjustments soon.

hygger LCD thermometer

hygger LCD thermometer

3. hygger 075 planted 24/7 aquarium LED light

1)Get into 075 light

Suitable aquarium types Freshwater & Planted aquariums
Available power 14W /20W /26W /32W /40W /48W
Appropriate tank size 12-54 inches
Light modes 24/7 mode & Default program mode
Super bright Premium 5050 and 2835 energy-efficient LEDs provide vibrant illumination for plants and fish, plus enhance the aesthetic appeal of the tank.
Built-in timer Lighting time can be programmed for 6H, 10H, and 12H.
Available colors 7 colors (red /green /blue /orange /yellow /cyan /purple)
Adjustable brightness 5-stages brightness levels (10% /25% /50% /75% /100%)
Extendable bracket The extendable bracket makes the light fit aquariums of different sizes within the adjustable range.

2)What does an aquarium light do in tanks

Aquarium light mimics the natural environment to provide comfortable living conditions for fish and plants. Aside from lighting and decorating your tank, an aquarium light is beneficial to the growth and color enhancement of fish, plants, or other aquatic pets.

4. hygger 077 aquarium exquisite submersible water pump

1)Get into the 077 water pump

Suitable aquarium types Freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, hydroponic systems, irrigation systems and water features.
Available power 12W /28W
Max head (ft) 3.2 /5.4
Max flow (GPH) 158 /395
Powerful and super quiet The pump runs quietly. It does not disturb the user’s rest or the tranquility of the aquarium.
Dual functions of pumping and oxygenation In addition to circulating water, the pump also provides essential oxygen to fish.
Adjustable water flow speed Water flow speed can be adjusted with a button.
Versatile outlet compatibility The screw-type outlet supports different sizes of pipes, offering flexibility in connecting the pump to various plumbing configurations.

2)What does a water pump do in aquariums

A water pump helps to improve oxygen levels and keep good water quality by circulating and filtering the water. Plus, it decreases the risk of fish suffering from disease.

5. hygger 078 circular air pump

1)Get into the 078 air pump

Suitable application Aquariums /Pet stores /Seafood restaurants /Living rooms
Available power 3W /8W
Airflow 50 GPH /140 GPH
Appropriate tank size Up to 300 /600 Gallon (1100 /2200 L)
Energy- efficient With the latest energy-saving technology, the pump operates efficiently, while consuming less power.
Whisper-quiet operation The sound is less than 35 dB. Featuring a double-layer sound insulation design, the pump minimizes vibrations and ensures an ultra-quiet operation. Additionally, the built-in noise suppression system further reduces vibrations, making it a perfect choice for maintaining a peaceful aquarium environment.
Adjustable airflow Equipped with a convenient adjustable valve, this air pump allows you to easily regulate the air output.
More durable The pump is crafted from durable materials and engineered with precision.

2)What does an air pump do in aquariums

Simply, an air pump makes sense in oxygenating the aquarium water, expelling excess carbon dioxide, and increasing the water pressure.

6. hygger 086 6 in 1 aquarium electric cleaning brush

1)Get into 086 electric cleaning brush

  • A spin scrubber is suitable for different brush heads for different functions.
  • Long-lasting brush: The main body of the brush is made of durable and eco-friendly plastic material. The telescopic tube is made of stainless steel.
  • Multiple brushes: Different brush heads are suitable for all kinds of cleaning tasks, such as glass tank cleaning and household use.
Brush types Functions of the brush
Pointed brush Clean glass corners, gaps, and other hard-to-reach corners
Flat brush Clean glass walls, tops, bottoms, and other surfaces
Arc brush Clean curved surfaces, such as rocks and aquarium decors
Large sponge brush Clean glass walls, tops, bottoms, and other surfaces

2)What does the electric cleaning brush do in aquariums

It helps to clean every corner of your tank, making the tank cleaning process easier and more convenient. Also, the electric cleaning brush is time-saving. With regular tank cleaning, you can keep aquariums clean.

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