Hygger Aquarium Gravel Cleaner Great Helper to Stabilize Water Quality

Close your eyes and assume in your mind’s eye a picture of:
Clear, secluded, pure, and quiet.

A few fish swim around freely, shuttling between the lush water plants. The emerald green grass gently swaying, light in the body of the fish, just the right piano music floating overhead, the occasional fish tossing and frolicking, but also see only a thin stream of water.

The sky and the earth are as big as if only you and these fish are left. Your breathing and the fish’s breathing gradually overlap together, you, as if swimming in nature’s spirit son, in an open place to find true peace and tranquility.
Gravel Cleaner 3
A small aquarium, but carries a big world. This is the spiritual home of aquarium enthusiasts, but also their spiritual harbor. In a seemingly narrow world, aquarium hobbyists have gained enough happiness and self-sufficiency.

Many friends usually ask three questions when they see an aquascape.

  • Is it hard to get a tank like this?
  • Do you need to take care of it often?
  • Is it very difficult to take care of it?

As long as you have enough patience, raising fish and aquatic plants is not a difficult task. Lighting, nutrients, water quality, and carbon dioxide, according to the different aquatic plants, the size of the tank has a very fine distinction, this part is fixed when opening the tank, the remaining is the daily fine-tuning; biological can also be adjusted at any time, will not take up too much time; to say trouble, that is the cleaning and maintenance of this thing.

Many friends ignore the daily maintenance, resulting in the collapse of the ecological chain in the tank, the creatures keep dying, or the aquascape is out of shape, the more you raise, the less confidence you have, and finally give up.

After some time, the water will become dirty and many algae will grow in the tank under the effect of biological excretion, food residue, decaying leaves, biological attachment, and ash fall. Although we generally use various types of filtration system to filter the water, but the pollutants deposited in the bottom of the tank is still challenging to use the filtration system to clean up, you need to clean up yourself, so when to carry out the tank cleaning?

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How often to clean the tank

It is generally recommended to clean the tank once in 2-3 weeks, including water replacement and equipment cleaning, but this time will change according to the different tank organisms and filtration system; depending on the state of the tank, the cleaning content will also be different, for example, during the opening period, the main thing is water replacement, the equipment can almost not need to clean.

However, the water quality of aquarium becomes cloudy, often the root cause is the collapse of its nitrification system, and anaerobic bacteria proliferation, at this time, if you just blame God, or let the aquatic plants grow wild, the water quality will only become more and more cloudy using hygger aquarium gravel cleaner is a good choice.

Hygger aquarium gravel cleaner has a unique patented design – equipped with a handle-type manual press, there is more room for operation, saving manpower and bringing convenience, the fastest speed tested is pressed 7 times. There are 2 thickened airbags inside the gravel washer for fast pumping. And it is made of PP ABS material, which is resistant to extrusion, so you don’t have to worry about airbag damage and air leakage, and it can be used for a long time.

It is easy to use, press the siphon switch off the aquarium siphon cleaner several times to make sure the inlet pipe is partially filled with water, and then observe the outlet pipe. After the water keeps flowing out, you can stop pushing and observe if it is automatic. If not, continue the operation until the water flows out quickly and automatically. The sand can be moved up and down in the extension tube to remove debris from the tank.

Gravel Cleaner 2

What’s more

Hygger aquarium gravel cleaner has [3 in 1 function]:

① Suck dirt. The aquarium gravel cleaner is equipped with a duckbill suction port accessory, which easily sucks up the feces.

②Sand washing. The aquarium siphon is fitted with a 3D filter basket mesh to protect your favorite fish and small gravel from being sucked out of the aquarium.

③Change water. Built-in double airbag, large air cavity, good resilience, and effortless operation.

Such a powerful tool for cleaning aquariums, you deserve to have it when the Amazon Black Friday carnival day comes!

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