How To Choose The Correct Bearded Dragon Tank Size

By Ruby Luna

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Baby Bearded Dragon

A baby bearded dragon is a miniature version of the popular pet lizard. They are incredibly cute, and their small size makes them easy to care for. Bearded dragons make great pets for both children and adults, and they are very low maintenance.

So you may be asking yourself, my breaded dragon is just a baby, so can I house it in a large reptile tank? Absolutely! As long as you are following our guides and providing proper husbandry, your bearded dragon baby will be just fine. Buying multiple tanks as your bearded dragon grows is not only expensive but also stressful for your beardie.

Why Tank Size Is Important

Tank size is important for bearded dragons because it provides them with the appropriate amount of space to roam, bask, and hide. A tank that is too small will not allow your beardie to properly thermoregulate, which can lead to health problems. The right size tank for a bearded dragon depends on the size of your bearded dragon. The biggest tank you can get is the best, but a 100-gallon tank is a good size for an adult beardie.

Tank Size For Baby Bearded Dragons

A baby bearded dragon needs a smaller tank than an adult. A 40-gallon tank is appropriate for a baby bearded dragon. As the dragon grows, it will need a larger tank. An adult bearded dragon needs a 75-gallon tank at least.

Tank Size For Medium-Sized Bearded Dragons

A tank above 75 gallons is a good size for a medium-sized bearded dragon. They need room to move around; a bigger tank will help.

Tank Size For Adult Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are a type of lizard that is native to Australia. They are a popular pet choice because of their docile nature and cool appearance. Adult bearded dragons can grow up to 2 feet long, and they will need a tank of at least 75 gallons. A bigger tank is always better, so if you have the space, go for a 100-gallon tank.

bearded dragon

Types Of Bearded Dragon Tanks

There are many types of bearded dragon tanks available on the market today. The most common type is the glass enclosure. These enclosures come in a variety of sizes, but the most popular size is the 75-gallon tank. Bearded dragons also do well in plastic tubs that have been modified with ventilation holes and a basking light. Some pet stores also sell ready-made bearded dragon tanks that are made out of PVC pipe. These tanks can be expensive, but they offer the best ventilation for your bearded dragon.

Things To Look For When Getting A Tank For Bearded Dragon

There are a few things you should look for when getting a tank for your bearded dragon, or “beardie”. The best tank for a beardie is one that is at least 75 gallons and has a basking spot with a UVB light. The enclosure should also have plenty of hiding spots, as well as some plants or other aquarium decorations.

Tips for choosing the right bearded dragon vivarium size

When choosing the right bearded dragon vivarium size, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, baby bearded dragons need a smaller tank than adult bearded dragons. Second, bearded dragons need a tank that is at least twice as long as they are long and wide. Third, bearded dragon owners should consider getting a tank that is taller rather than wider. Fourth, beardies love to climb, so a taller tank is better for them. Finally, when in doubt, always choose a larger tank over a smaller one – your dragon will thank you for it!

Is there such a thing as just the right bearded dragon tank size? Many experienced bearded dragon owners certainly think so and choose to house their bearded dragons in a 120-gallon tank.

Carolina Custom Cages also makes a handful of reptile terrariums even larger than the 120-gallon size. So, if you have the room and the resources to invest in some truly luxurious bearded dragon accommodations, check out some of these custom enclosures.

One important thing to note when buying a terrarium is that you don’t want to accidentally buy a tank that has a lot of vertical space with insufficient floor space. For example, terrariums that are 3 feet high can be far too tall for a bearded dragon. Bearded dragons cannot utilize vertical space as effectively as other reptiles, such as chameleons.

They need to be housed in a tank that maximizes their floor space. This is because bearded dragons tend to stay mostly close to the ground, except when climbing up to their basking spot or enjoying a hammock and/or a driftwood climber. Taller terrariums may also create significant difficulties in achieving the correct distance between your lighting/heating and your bearded dragon/the rest of the enclosure.

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