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Product Name: hygger 089 Extendable LED Light
Available Size: 14W 18W 22W 26W 36W 42W

Reg. Price: $29.99-$71.99
Final Price: $20.99-$50.39

Start Date: 03/15/2024 7:00 AM PDT
End Date: 03/22/2024 11:59 PM PDT

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About hygger 089 Extendable LED Light

This is a full spectrum LED light with a multicolor timer and 24/7/DIY/Natural mode for aquatic plants and freshwater tanks, it is designed especially for 12–52 inch fish tanks. Its realistic lighting brings better light perception to aquatic pets.

  • The LED light uses ultra-bright full-spectrum 5054 RGB lamp beads, it has 10 color mode selections.
  • It can create a stunning immersive aquatic environment.
  • You can change time + brightness + color in DIY mode.
  • Push a button to simulate a fiery red sunrise to a blue starry night in 24/7 mode.
  • Easily mount the LED light on most glass or acrylic aquariums, with or without a clear cover or frame.

hygger 089 24/7 LED Light
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