Aquarium Plants for Mid-ground – Ruellia Brittoniana

Aquariums are something that is very close to our hearts as Fish enthusiasts and they are not just glass boxes for us. After all, they contain a mini underwater ecosystem that brings a lot of different fish cultures. But without the right plants, you can’t create an ecosystem that is valuable for your fish life.

So, it’s pretty essential to choose the right plant for your Aquarium. In this article, we are going to discuss the “Ruellia Brittoniana” which is an excellent choice for the mid-ground of your tank. The core focus of the article is to introduce the mid-ground aquatic plant Ruellia Brittoniana.

Is Ruellia a perennial?

Ruellia plants (Mexican Petunia) are perennial and can live for more than two years. Since they are perennials, they tend to grow and give flowers year after year. Thus, providing a good option for aquarists, looking for lasting and low-maintenance plants. They are a group of flowering plants that come with multiple species such as Ruellia simplex, Ruellia Brittoniana, and Ruellia Brittoniana dwarf. However, we will discuss its species Ruellia Brittoniana dwarf here.

Ruellia Brittoniana dwarf

If we talk about Ruellia Brittoniana dwarf species, they are smaller and more compact as compared to Ruellia Brittoniana plant species. These species are identified by their delicate green leaves and petite stature, making them an ideal choice for aquarium lovers. They are good for your mid-ground tank and unlike their larger counterpart, dwarf species offer a sophisticated appeal to your aquatic world.
Aquarium Plants Ruellia Brittoniana

The mid-ground Ruellia plant

With the native distribution to Mexico, western South America, and the Antilles, Ruellia plants have more than 250 species. There are a couple of strong reasons why it is considered a good midscape aquatic plant and plays a significant role due to its characteristics in landscaping.

How to grow Ruellia Brittoniana?

If you are looking to grow Ruellia Brittoniana in your aquarium, there would be different technical aspects that need to be involved. We are going to guide you to the important things when it comes to nurturing this aquatic beauty.

Robelli’s Growing Needs

  • Lighting: Make sure that your Aquarium receives sufficient light to streamline the plant’s photosynthesis process. Robelli would love to grow in moderate to high-light conditions.
  • Water Quality: Water quality must be optimal for their growth. Make sure that you are changing the water regularly. Besides, using an appropriate fertilizer can be a good option for the plant’s good health.
  • Substrate: You can opt for a nutrient-rich substrate that would provide the necessary nutrients to plants. This will streamline the vibrant foliage and promote healthy growth.
  • Temperature and pH: It is preferred to maintain a temperate range of 70-82 °F for efficient growth. For pH, you should be slightly on the acidic to neutral side involving a range of 6.5-7.5.

Pruning: Do regular pruning with aquarium scissors that will help you maintain the desired structure and shape of the plant. So, this way you can prevent overgrowth of the plant.
Aquarium Plants for Mid-ground - Ruellia Brittoniana

Growing Robelli in a Fish Tank

We hope that you have understood the basic needs of Robelli growing needs. Let’s move forward with our discussion of how to grow Ruellia Brittoniana in your fish tank:

Step 1: Prepare your tank

The very first step you must take as an Aquarist is to clean the tank thoroughly leaving no traces of dust behind. Now arrange the light system that is previously mentioned. Fill the fishtank with clean water and add substrate to contrast with your fish and plants.

Step 2: Planting Robelli

The Next step is to plant Robelli carefully in the mid-ground area of the tank. You have to make sure there are enough empty spaces between each plant for the proper growth. Space is also necessary to allow your species to easily pass through between the plants and have free-flowing room rather than getting moving blockage.

Step 3: Maintenance

You have to regularly monitor the water parameters such as pH levels, temperature, and water quality. At the same time, you have to be careful about trimming and pruning the plant because it is very beneficial for the plant to maintain its shape and overgrow.


Ruellia Brittoniana, also known as Robelli is one of the good vibrant choices for aquarists to add some lifestyle to their aquariums. Since the plant is perennial in nature, it has a compact size.

Moreover, the lush green foliage makes it an excellent choice for the mid-ground of aquascape. Make sure that you are providing the plant with the right conditions and care for sufficient growth of the plant and promoting fish healthy life.

In addition, Robelli is a plant that has visual appeal and versatility and adds extravagance to your underwater world. You can consider incorporating Ruellia Brittoniana into your aquarium both as a beginner and an expert for an astonishing display.

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