Ancient Arowana Location and Anecdote

The ancient arowana, a revered and majestic fish, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Its meaning transcends mere aquatic life, symbolizing prosperity, luck, and longevity in various cultures. Originating from ancient waters, this ancient arowana is steeped in legend, with tales of its mythical powers echoing through time.

Today, the quest to find the Ancient arowana location draws enthusiasts to remote locations to search for this living legend. Join us as we delve into the world of the ancient arowana, exploring its origins, legends, and where you might encounter this elusive creature.
ancient arowana

The Meaning of Arowana Fish

Among many other fish, the Arowana is a very distinct and cherished species that is being kept by thousands of people who enjoy fish. The fish is particularly appreciated for its unique marking and graceful swimming, thus having high prestige with many people in various cultures.

In Feng Shui, the red Arowana fish is considered the personification of good fortune and wealth for its master. It is said to have scales that look like coins, representing wealth and abundance. In some Asian countries, the Arowana fish signifies power, strength, and accomplishment.

The Arowana fish is hard to find and lovely to look at, thus it is considered as a show of wealth by some. Generally speaking, Arowana fish is an amazing fish that may have specific meaning for some people, but no one can deter its beauty and symbolism.

What is Ancient Arowana?

Arowana of ancient times is a rare aquarium fish valued for its unique appearance and scarce availability. Originating from Southeast Asia, the Arowana is one of the longest, most slender, and naturally very colored species in the world.

The most widely told tale is that it can add wealth and well-being to the life of whoever owns it, so it has become a much-desired enhancement for fish collectors and lovers alike. Because of its rarity and an overall high demand for the species, the Ancient Arowana is quite a pricey fish to buy and keep in a tank. This involves a considerable-sized tank with a particular water condition and a diet of live insects / small fish. Even though maintaining an Ancient Arowana is quite challenging, many people consider it to be a worthwhile and intriguing fish to own.
Ancient arowana location

Some Fascinating Features

1. Living Fossils

Arowanas are live fossils because their ancestry dates back to around 100 million years ago when the Cretaceous period was lived by them. Their ancient origins and unchanged physical features help get insight into the fish’s evolution.

2. Bony Tongue

As for the nickname, Arowanas possess a bony tongue that is an effective tool for catching food and predators. Having fast a tongue, the bird shoots out in a nanosecond to grab hold of flying insects or small fishes out of the air or water.

3. Jumping Ability

Arowana is an amazing jumper and can clear the water, spanning for several feet to snatch fleeing insects. This adaptability is the second adaptation concerning an insect-based diet.

4. Metallic Sheen

The abundance of colors is apparent for some arowana, as they have scales that resemble gilded, red, or silver metals. Such a phenomenon is believed to be a strategy to lure competitors and mate rivals away.

5. Cultural Significance

In certain parts of Asia, Arowanas are depicted as auspicious creatures that bring fortune, wealth, and general well-being. As a result of this, aquaculture contributes to a long history of breeding and high market prices on specific Arowana variants.

Expanded Reading:

Ancient Arowana Location

The Arowana, which is also known as the dragon fish, is an ancient fish that is believed to have originated in extensive freshwater rivers and lakes of Southeast Asia. Arowana is native to tropical regions in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

These regions are famous for their rainforests, which showcase the natural diversity and many waterways that make the perfect environment for Arowana to develop. In this area, the Arowana have long been respected by people for their beauty, strength, and magical qualities.

Today, the Arowana is well-known among collectors and aquarists worldwide, but its ancestral waterways can be traced back to the rivers and lakes of Southeast Asia.
Ancient Arowana Anecdote

The Legend of Ancient Arowana (Game)

There isn’t a legend associated with the Ancient Arowana in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It’s a specific type of fish you need to find during a quest, but the game doesn’t provide a backstory or legend about them.

However, since Arowana themselves are real fish with a fascinating history, we can create a legend inspired by them:

The Legend of the Ancient Arowana

Long ago, in the hidden rivers of Hyrule, there swam a school of Arowana unlike any other. Their scales shimmered with an otherworldly glow, said to hold the magic of the ancient creators. These were the Ancient Arowana, guardians of the waterways and keepers of forgotten knowledge.

One by one, the rivers of Hyrule dwindled. The once vibrant Arowana school scattered, each fish carrying a fragment of the ancient magic. Legends say that a hero, pure of heart, will one day reunite the Ancient Arowana. When their scales once again shimmer together, the lost knowledge of the creators will be revealed, bringing balance and prosperity to the land.

This legend could connect to the game by hinting that the “Ancient Arowana” you catch might be the last of its kind, holding a piece of a larger puzzle waiting to be unraveled.
Red ancient arowana

Where to Find Ancient Arowana (Game)?

There are two main locations to find Ancient Arowana in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

1. The Great Sky Island: This is the area where you start the game. Head to the small floating ponds north and east of the Inisa Shrine. You should find a few Ancient Arowana swimming around in these ponds.

2. Mipha’s Court: Follow these steps.

  • Locate Mipha’s Court, which is east of Zora’s Domain in the Lanaryu region.
  • Look for a long stairway heading southwest near Mipha’s Court. This is called the Shatter back point.
  • Climb the stairway to the top.
  • You’ll find a shallow pool with a statue. Here, you should see at least one Ancient Arowana swimming.

Final Thoughts

The legendary Arowana, known for its fascinating history and supernatural grandeur, still enthralls the globe. Ranging from auspicious symbolism to impressive traits like its elbow-shaped body and jumping heels, this fish remains nature’s wonder. Despite its rarity and high price, the ancient Arowana is a jewel worthy of those who seek its beauty and mysticism.

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