hygger Hollow Double Tube Quartz Heater

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Quartz heater has a dual tube quartz glass and intelligent heating system for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

1 x Heater rod
1 x Controller holder
1 x 3pcs suction cups (includes 1pc spare part)
1 x Hook
1 x Clean brush
1 x User manual

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Intelligent Heating System

hygger hollow quartz heater uses a dual tube quartz glass material and high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium heating wire to provide more consistent and efficient heat up for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

To maintain a consistent water temp in the tank, the quartz heating element will auto-stop working when the water temperature reaches the set temperature, and it will restart when the temperature drops 1℉ below the set. The fish tank quartz heater is ideal for turtle tanks, planted tanks, freshwater, and saltwater fish tanks.

Low Water Alarm

The quartz heater aquarium’s built-in double sensing probe is more efficient in detecting no water or lower than water surface at the top of the heating unit, it also responds by automatically shutting off and beeping an alarm to let you know the heater element in an abnormal state.

Safety Feature

The heater has a memory function that will auto restore the temperature to be set, when the power comes back, it will auto heat to the temperature you set, ensuring you do not worry about temperature shocks for tank inhabitants and no need to reset for a power outage.

External Temperature Controller

The fish tank quartz heater has a hanging controller within a large LCD digital screen, which can intuitively display the current water temperature and real-time power. You can preset the target temperature via the heater controller and adjust the temperature from 59℉ to 93℉. There is also a red indicator to show the heating state in real-time.

Over-Temperature Protection

If the water temperature gets out of the measurable range, the quartz heater will trigger the safety alarm function. The quartz heater aquarium will automatically shut off and display an ‘HH’ code alarm when the temperatures exceed 95℉ as well as the temperatures are below 59℉, it will display an ‘LL’ code alarm and then auto heating to the preset temperature.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

How to use hygger 106 hollow double tube quartz heater

1. Use two powerful suction cups to make the heater easy to firmly hold on the side of the tank and place the heater element fully submersible at least 2 inches underwater.
2. Ensure the top of the heater is facing upwards so that the probe can sense the water level.
3. The ABS guard shield adopts an irregular hollowed-out design, which helps better diffuse and heat the water, it also prevents the aquatic pets from being burned.

Note: The heater controller is not waterproof, do not allow it to get wet.


hygger 106 double tube quartz heater

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400W for 50-95 Gallons, 600W for 80-150 Gallons, 900W for 110-250 Gallons, 1200W for 160-300 Gallons

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2 reviews for hygger Hollow Double Tube Quartz Heater

  1. Pinky

    This is a pretty nice heater. It is well made, and controls temperatures well enough. I like that there is not any glass present to break into the tank if it were to fail. Not much to discuss other than it is really nice.

  2. ellie yeed

    A great heater for my discus fish, it is a part of the appealing in my tank

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