hygger Dual-Core Variable Frequency Heater

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Submersible dual-core heater for saltwater and freshwater tanks up to 240 gallon

1 x Heater with controller
4 x Suction cups
2 x Sucker holders
1 x User manual

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Accurate Temperature Control

With the benefits of intelligent inverter technology, the hygger aquarium dual-core heater keeps the water at a constant temperature through the built-in chip, and the temperature accuracy is 0.1F, which is much more precise than traditional heaters. The variable frequency heater has three intelligent protectors and a built-in dual temperature control system in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The temperature range is 63-94°F/17-34°C. You can long-pressing the controller’s set button for 2–3 seconds to switch them.

hygger 066 heater controller details

Prevent from Overheating

When the water temperature exceeds 93°F, the heater displays the error code “HH”, and automatically stops heating.

Low-Temperature Protection

When the tank water temperature is below 59 °F, it will display “LL” and continue heating.

Dry Running Protection

When the heater outs off the water, “Auto shut off” will flash and automatically cut off the power.

Digital LED Display

The dual-core heater features a unique smart LED screen that is completely waterproof and clearly displays the current water temperature, set temperature, current operating power, error codes, and current operating status.

External Temperature Controller

When the red light is on, the heater starts heating water. When the light turns white, the heater stops working and maintains the temperature. Simply press the set button on the external controller to set the target temperature.

Explosion Proof

The hygger variable frequency heater is made of explosion-proof quartz glass and the most thermally stable nickel-chromium wire to transfer heat to the water quickly and steadily. The heater shell cover is made of heat-resistant ABS material, which can keep your aquatic pets safe.

Power-off Memory Function

If a power outage occurs, the dual-core heater will follow the final settings when the power is restored, because the final settings are stored in the heater’s chip.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

How to place the hygger 066 dual-core heater?

How to place hygger heater

Note: Please unplug the power and let the heater cool for 10–20 minutes before taking it out to clean the fish tank or change the water


hygger 066 Dual-core heater

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600W for 60-120 Gal, 800W for 120-180 Gal, 1000W for 180-240 Gal

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1 review for hygger Dual-Core Variable Frequency Heater

  1. Shaye

    Overheating and low temperature protection is nice for my fish. And the memory function is my favor. Because I don’t need to reset it in the case of power outage.

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