Betta Fish Care – Take Care of the Rarest Betta Fish

Keeping a betta fish in your aquarium is quite appealing, right? Betta fish are friendly, let alone experienced aquarists. And they may fancy introducing rare bettas to their fish tanks. However, it is not easy to get a rare one. In this article, let’s learn more about betta fish, especially rare betta fish.

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Betta fish types

There are surprising types of betta fish. Usually, betta fish can be classified according to tails, colors, and patterns. As for tails, various tails sizes and shapes categorize bettas into different types, such as Veiltail betta, Crowntail betta, and Halfmoon betta. In the case of colors, one color and a mixture of different colors are possible. Blue betta and Mustard betta for instance. Besides, there are also other colors, including white, black, green, and others. Furthermore, concerning patterns, it is the result of diverse colorful patterns growing on the body and fins.

Butterfly betta and Koi betta are great examples. In addition to the common betta mentioned above, there are also some rare betta fish, like fantail betta, spade tail betta, orange dalmatian betta, green betta, white betta, and samurai koi betta.

What is the rarest betta fish?

As the previous part has mentioned, there are rare betta fish. Exactly, fantail betta fish are the rarest ones, which have two caudal fins. Although fantail bettas sometimes may be sold at auction, it is difficult to buy one. In this segment, we will further discuss the rare betta fish.

1. Spade tail betta

Spade-tail bettas are freshwater fish. They are in vibrant colors, and they have long and straight fins, as well as tails with spade-like shapes. Usually, spade tail bettas are jumpers. Thus, it is recommended to add a lid to your betta fish tank. Also, you should avoid drastic changes in water temp.

2.Orange dalmatian betta

Orange dalmatian bettas are always the first option for many aquarium collectors. The bettas’ bodies are slightly orange, while there are also dark orange spots on their fins. However, keeping the orange dalmatian betta needs experience in fish keeping. As a result, they are not suitable for beginners. Moreover, orange dalmatian bettas are rare, because they may not breed orange offspring, but yellow or red ones.

3. Green betta fish

Pure green bettas, bright green bettas, and dark green bettas gain popularity among aquarium collectors. Furthermore, there are some green betta fish with shades of blue, white, or other colors, from their tails to their fins. On the other hand, green bettas are carnivores and are easy to care for. They are aggressive, hence, it is best not to keep them with other fish.

4. White betta fish

White betta fish possess opaque white bodies, which makes the crinkles on fins and scales clear. One tip here, do not misread the white betta fish with albino betta fish. The two are different, though the latter is also rare. The albino betta fish are transparent and white. Besides that, they have red or pink eyes, and pink skin as well as clear scales.

How long does the rarest betta fish live

Betta fish can live up to 2-5 years on average. The same as common bettas, rare ones are also aggressive. Consequently, you should be cautious when choosing tank mates. Moreover, when you set up a rare betta aquarium, you should pay attention to tank size, water conditions, diet, daily maintenance, disease, and other factors. Fortunately, you can help your bettas live longer as long as keeping proper maintenance. Here are some methods to extend bettas’ lifespan, keeping them in large tanks, building natural habitats, and maintaining great water parameters, for instance.

How to take care of the rarest betta fish

Seeing that the kinds of betta fish are rare, it is no doubt that they do need appropriate and careful maintenance. The followings are some references.

Tank size

Generally, 5 gallons is the minimum tank size. Nevertheless, it depends on the fish types. But a betta fish tank is an excellent choice. It is a fish tank with an aquarium light, a filter, and 3D background. Meanwhile, the unique convex arc curve shape provides a new view for bettas.

Tank mates

Exactly, tank mates may cause stress to betta fish sometimes. However, you can add tank mates to betta fish aquariums under some circumstances, like bettas appear lonely or bored. Then, what is the safe betta fish tank mates? Neon tetras, Ember tetras, and Rasboras are excellent choices. Besides that, it is best to quarantine the new fish for about 72 hours before introducing them to your betta fish tanks.


Betta fish prefer high-protein food. Nonetheless, you should make a sure balanced diet. Or it would shorten their life. Twice each day is acceptable, and ensure bettas finish eating within about 2-3 minutes. Furthermore, betta pellets, betta flakes, bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia, and mosquito larvae are excellent food sources for betta fish. For freeze-dried bloodworms and brine shrimps, it is best to feed once or twice per week.

Daily maintenance

Keeping regular water changes is in the first place. Otherwise, harmful substances, like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate, will be accumulated in your betta tank. It may cause poor water quality in your tank and health problems on your bettas. Therefore, it is better to change 20-30 percent of the water once a week. When you change the water, do not forget to test the new water with the aquarium water test kit. Also, you can determine changing the water completely or partially accordingly. But the steps of complete and partial water changing are a little bit different.

Things do rarest betta fish need

Aside from proper maintenance, adequate decoration and equipment can be a favor for bettas. Let’s have a look.

Tank decorations

Bettas fancy live plants. On the one hand, plants create shades and shelter for bettas. So they can hide and play around plants. On the other hand, plants make sense in improving oxygen levels and keeping great water quality. Marimo moss ball, java moss, and amazon sword are the best plants for betta fish tanks. Also, you can add some other aquarium decorations, rocks, stones, and wood for instance.

Water parameters

It is essential to keep ideal water parameters, then the betta tank can maintain great water quality and a comfortable living environment. Here are some requirements for betta fish tanks:

  • Water temperaure: 75-80℉
  • pH level: 6.5-8
  • Ammonia level: 0 ppm
  • Nitrite level: 0 ppm
  • Nitrate level: less than 20 ppm

Consequently, it is necessary to add an aquarium heater to keep a suitable water temperature. While an aquarium heater also reduces the risk of water temp fluctuation. For example, a 50W fish tank heater is a perfect option for 1-10 gallons of betta aquariums. Meanwhile, a thermometer is also crucial. It helps to monitor the water temperature, then you can check the real-time water temp and adjust in time.

Besides that, a betta fish tank filter plays a role in keeping your betta fish tank clean and healthy. It helps to remove excess waste, debris, and toxic substances, such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Furthermore, an aquarium air pump makes sense in keeping great water quality. Since it can improve oxygen levels and expel excess carbon dioxide.

Aquarium light

Betta fish can grow better with aquarium lights, but they also require darkness to rest. An aquarium light provides betta fish with a regular day and night cycle. Generally, you should keep the light on for about 10 hours. And white, blue, and red lights are good for bettas. In addition, you can set different brightness for diverse periods.

Final words

Sometimes nonetheless, betta fish may get stressed. The signals include dull colors, loss of appetite, lethargy, and inactivity. In this case, it is essential to take measures to keep bettas happy, like ensuring adequate space, great water quality, proper aquarium decorations, and an ideal diet. That is all for today. For any other ideas about betta fish, feel free to share them with us in the comment. We are happy to receive your sharing. Finally, thanks for your reading!

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