Hygger Fish Tank Filter



5-in-1 aquarium filter that keeps your fish tank clean and healthy for your fish.

Package includes:
1 x Power filter
1 x Suction cup
1 x Biochemical ball
1 x User manual
2 x Biochemical cotton

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Product Features

5-in-1 aquarium filter

This 5-in-1 aquarium filter has both wave effect and water change function.

Wave effect: Clean water flows out, then left/right and up/down 360° waves would be made.

Water change function: Pull up while turning left and right, remove the rain shower platform, and install the water hose (not included) at the tube.

3 layers filter material

The first layer is coarse-hole filter sponge which can absorb debris, filter out large dirt particles in the water, such as food, feces, etc. It can be washed repeatedly.

Second layer is biochemical ceramic ball which can cultivate beneficial bacteria, and quickly establish a nitrification system.

The third layer is coarse-hole filter sponge which can remove impurities, odors, and turbidity. Filter the water again.

Low water level turtle filter

The lowest water level is 1.2 inches. And the best water level is 3.1 inches. The pump works quietly and consumes only 8 watts, 150 GPH. With extremely economical power consumption, it brings cleanliness and health to your aquarium.

Directions for Use

1. Due to the siphon principle, the lower the water level, the weaker the pumping effect may become.
2. To avoid clogging the pump, it is not suitable for very fine sand tanks.
3. If the water is clean, you can directly rotate the rain shower to face the tank to flush the turtle. For filtering, the rain shower faces the filter sponge.
4. Wash the filter media every two weeks.
5. Wash the whole reptile filter monthly.
6. Pay attention to clean the rotor and filter media.

Note: The water change hose is not included.

Instructions to wash the motor

1. Take off the motor cover and remove the impeller unit from the motor.
2. Wash the impeller unit with water. Clean the inside of motor with a pipe brush and put it back in the opposite direction. Please don’t use too much force inside the motor.
3. Replace the filter media every 2-3 months.


Brand: Hygger
Model: HG-979
Power: 8 W
Q. Max: 150 GPH (580 LPH)
Application: Low water level (1.18 – 5 inches)

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